10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Why in the world would you invest your hard-earned money into a personal trainer? Besides you can go buy a big screen tv, spend money on a night out, or workout on your own for free. Despite all those things you can do with your money, history has shown, people still find value in investing a personal trainer, and perhaps you should too. Below are 10 reasons to hire a personal trainer.

1. Accountability

You may know what to do but need someone to set standards and hold you accountable for your actions and decisions for following through on your fitness commitments and goals.

2. Lack of Knowledge

Perhaps you’re new to fitness or just lack the know-how to make improvements, this is where a knowledgeable personal trainer comes in handy to not only to train you but to also educate you.

3. Support

There may be a chance that you don’t have a good support system in place helping you to accomplish your goals providing the wrong type of energy. Having a personal trainer on hand to be your support system will help because they’ll be encouraging and providing support conducive to your goals.

4. Motivation

There will be days when it rains, it will pour and you won’t feel like doing anything but this is when having a personal trainer to motivate you and speak words of life in you to get you going will pay off.

5. Stress Relief

Life will throw you curve ball sometimes and stress you out. Before you do anything rash, why not burn some steam with a good workout and perhaps talk it out with your trainer if need be? I have plenty of clients use sessions just for that reason. Remember, mental and spiritual health is important, managing your stress with exercise can help.

6. Improve Your Health

Your doctor may have recommended that you become more active to improve your current health condition. Health is wealth, get as much as you can. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel good physically?

7. Hit A Plateau

You have been busting your tail for a while and just hit a plateau you can’t seem to get through. Having a trainer to look at what you have been doing and making some changes could do the trick and give you the breakthrough you need to go to the next level.

8. Job Requirements

Your job or a job you want to apply for may require that you be physically fit and pass a test to keep your job. Having a personal trainer will help you to retain your job to keep those checks coming in and function better to perform your job duties.

9. Prevention

Co-pays, hospital bills, being sick, unable to care for yourself as you age, all sucks and hiring a personal trainer could help prevent all that by helping you live a healthy lifestyle. Did I mention that this can save you money in the long haul by not making so many trips to the doctor’s office, hospital, and drug store to take care of an unhealthy you?

10. Change Up

You have become bored with your routine or perhaps even with life and need a change-up. Getting a personal trainer to add some spice to your routine and life could definitely be worth the investment.

Bonus Reason: To Look Good (Of Course)

This is one of the main reasons people hire a personal trainer. You want that summer body, to fit into your clothes, and not to be perverted or sexual you want to look good naked. You should feel confident, beautiful, comfortable with your body and how it looks when looking in that mirror. Let’s not get confused with the superficial and unrealistic looks most of the fitness industry push, a fair amount of them are doing quite a bit more for their results which aren’t in your best interest and/or sustainable. Having some definition, your clothes fitting better, and feeling more confident about your body is attainable and realistic.

Those are some reasons why you should invest in and value having a personal trainer. It’s not just someone you pay to count your reps, it goes beyond that, at least with a good trainer. Price does matter; bills, recessions, and inflation are very real and it’s not like people are walking around handing out money with no strings attached. What it will cost you by not investing your health, could have you paying a pretty penny and costing you a lot of money and time down the line. Find and make time for your health. While you’re here, check out some of my services.

Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You

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