10 Ways To Get More Rest

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Living in this fast-paced, technology-filled, and money-driven world it can be very challenging to get some quality rest. Sometimes our restlessness and fatigue are self-imposed. Today most of us are consumed with working a traditional 9 to 5, taking care of loved ones and/or more. It appears that we are operating on autopilot all the time and running on fumes waiting for Friday to come every week.

Well, it’s time to unplug my friend and explore different ways to rest up. You don’t have to wait until the weekend anymore to get some rest. I have several ways for you to get more rest leaving you feeling rejuvenated, recharged, and ready to go.

1.) Classic Vacation

Take a vacation
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Take a vacation to get away from the norm. I suggest leaving your state or country if possible. Get yourself to a place that’s completely different from what your used to but won’t cause you stress. Schedule relaxing activities or take a vacation that does all the planning for you. Sit back and unwind my friend, unload all that stress.

2.) Don’t Offer Any Help

This may come off as cold to some people you know but you’ll be rested in the end. Make yourself unavailable to help anyone. If it is not an emergency, they can seek help elsewhere. You can not help anyone if you do not have the energy to do so. Also, this may reveal who really cares about your well-being or who is just plain self-centered and selfish.

3.) Solitude

Isolate yourself from people time to time.
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Isolate yourself occasionally. This can be done for a certain amount of time per day, week, month, or year. Just schedule a time and a place to be alone. The place could be your car, a room, she/man shed, etc … you have options. Also, it is a perfect excuse to get yourself a she-shed or mancave.

4.) Meditation/Prayer

Meditate or pray to ease your thoughts, change your focus to bring about a state of relaxation and peace. The goal here is to keep that energy in check by channeling it in an appropriate manner or handing it over to a higher power. Many people are truly not able to rest or relax due to the fact that their mind and spirit are not at ease. Meditation or prayer is a viable option if you have that problem.

5.) Staycation

Have a staycation here and there.
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Similar to vacation but you don’t go anywhere or you stay somewhere more local if you do. During this time you venture and explore the local events and activities or make your home relaxing as possible. Get yourself a nice book, fill the tub up with a touch essential, and relax your head on a nice bathtub spa cushion pillow with a glass of wine.

6.) Keep Physical Exertion Minimum

Don’t do anything requiring you to exert a lot of energy. Keep your workouts light, put yard work off for later, or give your kids an activity to do on their own. Do your best to be still and not so active.

7.) Be Unproductive

Watch a movie or show on Netflix and do nothing productive.
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Don’t do anything and be completely unproductive. The only thing on your to-do list is to do absolutely nothing. Watch tv, movies, sleep, order out, play video games, chat on the phone with friends and so on. Too much of the grind culture mentality will wear you out. Take time out to do nothing at all.

8.) Tune into Nature

One of my favorite things to do, since we spend too much time indoors anyway, is to go out in nature and get some sun. Hit up the park, go for a bike ride, do some bird watching, garden, or workout outside. Get outdoors people; into some nature.

9.) Take a break from Electronics/Technology

In this day and age; everyone needs to do this regularly which is to take a break from electronics/tech. Forget social media, turn off the news, put the do not disturb setting on your phone, put your nooks, i-pads, laptops and so on away for a while. Do not engage in any of that. It is another door for someone or something to draw energy away from you.

10.) Pay Someone

Instead of doing tedious tasks requiring tons of energy, hire someone to do it for you instead if it fits our budget. Check out Angie’s List, Taskrabbit, or in your local classifieds. If you can not hire someone, call a friend to help lighten the load. The whole point is to not expend energy and to put a pause on all the busyness, stress, drama, and disengage from the autopilot mode of life. Don’t be the energizer bunny, don’t keep going and going. Stop and rest my friend.

Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You                                                                              

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