4 Great Reasons Why You Should Keep a Fitness Journal

If you want to make progress in reaching your fitness goals, I strongly suggest you keep a fitness journal.  So many people look to other things such as the latest supplement, some actor or fitness influencer workout, or whatever the latest fad or trend is, seeking to get better results. Don’t be that person but instead, keep a fitness journal to document your fitness journey. Below, I am going to give you four great reasons why you should keep a fitness journal.

Keep you on track

Going to the gym and just winging it won’t cut it for most people. You stand a better chance of reaching your goals if you have a plan written out already to follow. Writing out a plan in your fitness journal can keep you from going overboard with your workouts and from not doing enough. A fitness journal that is properly used is a great tool to have on hand. Use it to set yourself up for success.

Discover patterns

By keeping a fitness journal, you can identify any patterns that are taking place. This can reveal whether or not what you currently doing is working or not. One of the last things you want to do is do a bunch of work and make no progress at all or even worse, start to regress. Now, if you’re heading in the opposite direction and making progress, keep doing what you are doing. If you start to plateau in the future, you can always return back to a time in your routine in your workout log as a reference to determine what to do next.

Motivates you

Having a fitness journal allows you to reflect on what you have accomplished which can be really uplifting. Knowing how far you have come on your fitness journey can give you the push you need if you hit a roadblock or plateau. It can be helpful if you don’t hit a plateau and take your drive to another level. Since you can see your numbers, it will keep you motivated since you’ll have a better sense of what to expect in what you can achieve when kept in context.

Keep you honest

It’ll keep you honest about what you’re actually doing in your workouts. It will show if you completed all sets, reps, and more depending on what you log in to your fitness journal. For this reason, your journal further encourages you to make realistic goals based on your workout results. Having unrealistic goals will lead to you wanting to give up, injury if you go too hard in a workout, and/or not making any positive gains. Learn what to log in to your fitness journal here to make the most of your fitness journal.

Those are four great reasons why you should keep a fitness journal. It’s not the number of reasons but the quality of these reasons I discussed above on why you should. You keep a journal through an app, pre-made fitness journal, make your own with a plain notebook, or use the good old composition book which I’ll list a few below for you to look at.

I hope that you found this information valuable and that you share it with your family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else who can benefit from it. If looking for more personal assistance, visit my services page and if looking for some great products and companies to invest in, visit my shop and healthy lifestyle resources page.

Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You

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