9 Deadly Sins That’ll Ruin Your Workout

Many people ruin and/or waste their workouts making these one or multiple of these 9 deadly workout sins. They end up injured, passing out, overdoing it, not making any gains, or losing weight. The good thing is that I’m here to tell you about the 9 deadly sins that’ll ruin your workout so you don’t commit them or at least cut back on them. Thankfully our bodies show us a little mercy and forgive us of those sins, giving us another shot to prove we are worthy. Anywho, in all seriousness, let’s jump right into it. Here are the 9 deadly sins not to commit for a great workout.

No Goal and/or Plan in Mind

Before you even begin to workout, you need to have a goal in mind. Is the goal strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, power, et? Having a goal will help you to determine what plan you need to put in place in order to achieve that goal. Once that goal is in place, you need to know the “how”. How are you going to arrange your workout? What exercises are you going to do? How many sets and reps need to be accomplished? How much time do you have available to workout? There are numerous questions to ask yourself to formulate a plan. Without a goal and plan in place, you’re just in the gym doing whatever.

Not Warming Up

Warming up prior to your workout can help you avoid injury by prepping your body for the demands of the workout. Not warming could increase your chances of injury. Think of it like trying to stretch a cold rubber band. A cold rubber band is not flexible and liable to snap or tear if stretched in that state. Your muscle is the rubber band in this analogy. Warm those muscles and prepare your body for movement. You don’t have to warm up with traditional calisthenics, you could warm up with the exercise or movement itself. I do this quite often by going through the movement itself looking in the mirror and using a lightweight initially until I feel ready for my working set.

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Warm Up Too Much

Don’t warm up so much that you have no energy for the actual workout. You only have but so much energy to put into the workout. After getting my degrees in exercise science and exercise physiology, and learning from personal experience, I discovered the warm-ups I was being put through when playing sports was too much. Warming up for 20-30 minutes was not the answer for me. I performed better when I did less but this will vary from person to person.

Lack of Sleep

You need to get quality sleep. Your body does some of its best work when you sleep. Sleep is a major component when it comes to recovery and being able to perform. How are you going to workout with no energy? Another thing to consider is the quality of sleep you get. Eights hours poor sleep probably won’t be as good as six hours of quality sleep. Be sure to go to bed around the same, don’t drink liquids before bed or eating heavily processed foods beforehand, and set the mood in your room for some quality sleep.

Not Resting Properly Between Sets

Usually, depending on your goal, that determines the amount of rest you need between sets. If you jump into the next set too fast, you may not have recuperated enough resulting in a poor quality set. This could possibly lead to an injury due to poor form caused by fatigue. Then, on the flipside, resting too long may knock you out of your groove mentally affecting your next set. The typical rest periods that are recommended for certain goals are a great baseline to use for appropriate rest periods.

Ego Lifting

Lifting to impress others or even yourself is a bad idea. As I always say “leave your ego at the door”.  Your ego can sign you up for an injury quickly and in a hurry messing around with weight you can’t handle. Then you won’t be able to workout or at least not the way you would like for a while or maybe never again in extreme cases. Go into your workout to accomplish what’s necessary to achieve your goal not to impress others and your ego. Live to lift another day.

Not Hydrated

Not drinking enough water is already a problem for many but when it comes to working out this can be a recipe for disaster in terms of your performance. (Being hydrated will not only aid in the functioning of your muscles but will also reduce the risk of heat stress-related conditions. So drink up, consistently throughout the day when you feel thirsty.

Too Many Distractions

I see this often in the gym these days. Sometimes, the technology works against you if you’re not careful.  When in the gym or working out, it is not time to hold conversations on the phone, text message, socialize for long periods, and so on. It’s time to put in work for that body you want and medical bills you want to avoid in the future. Plus, while you’re doing that, you may be holding up a piece of equipment someone wants to use. Don’t hold yourself or others up from reaching the ultimate goal by being distracted.

Not Focusing on Yourself

Sometimes, where receive motivation misguides us and leads us to focus on something else rather than ourselves. With all the rave and allure of the fitness industry and culture, it can be easy to fall into this trap. Wanting to be like all the celebrities, athletes, and genetic freaks, we don’t take into account what they have sacrificed and/or done to look and perform the way they do. For some of you out there that are unaware, you don’t want to make those sacrifices or follow them because it could lead to health problems, jail, or even death. Remember, there is only one you, and focus on being the best version of yourself, not some celebrity, athlete, or whomever. Listen to and observe the way your body responds and make adjustments from there as needed. This is your personal journey and no else.

Now, that you know the 9 deadly sins that’ll ruin your workout, I expect you to clean up your act and do better. Don’t be afraid to refer back to this article as needed or YouTube channel for a refresher. If you find yourself needing more assistance than more what my blog, YouTube or Instagram has and prefer 1-on-1 coaching, by all means, schedule a free consultation with me. Before you head out, check out some awesome resources that can further assist you in your health and fitness journey on my healthy lifestyle resources page.

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