A Full-Time Job, A Family, and No Time To Exercise | When Is Best?

Working full-time and taking care of a family can be pretty exhausting, I know from first-hand experience. Waking up to sit in traffic, work for 8-10 hours, to then sit in traffic again and to finally arrive home to care for your family which is a 24/7 job in itself will put a damper on your health if you don’t keep it in check. You have to make time to care for yourself and making time to exercise consistently will definitely benefit you in the long haul. You and many others share the same problem of finding the time to exercise. Let’s go over some times of the day where you can possibly fit a workout in.

Early Morning

Exercise first thing in the morning before you do anything else and before anyone is awake. This a time where I’ve found there to be the least distractions. Get it in before the sun comes up and everyone else in your house but be sure to get enough sleep the night before. To achieve this, you want to make sure you go to bed around the same time every night. Putting your body on a consistent schedule is key to making fitness part of your lifestyle.

During Your Lunch Break

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While you’re at work, go to your jobs gym or a nearby gym if time allows you to do so. Plenty of employers are starting to offer some sort of health incentive program to employees to keep their costs down in insurance and employees healthy. Check out what they are, there may be a discount to a nearby gym. If neither is available, consider bringing some exercise equipment to work and find an open space to exercise. If don’t own any exercise equipment, that’s ok, there are always bodyweight exercises you can do. I found this interesting deck of bodyweight exercise cards that gives you examples of exercises to do, a few workouts, and the ability to create your own workout. You can easily take this anywhere with you and it’s cost-efficient.

Immediately Before or After Work

Workout at your job before you begin work or right after you get off work. Again, bring your own equipment if no gym is nearby. You can use a portable suspension trainer such as the TRX or a resistance tube kit. Both are lightweight and portable. I’ve personally use the resistance tubes most because of their simplicity but the TRX is great as well allowing you to utilize your bodyweight.

At Your Kids Practice

If your children play sports, you can exercise while they practice, at the field/park where they are, the gym, or back at home until practice is over. If you want a quick workout to do, follow along with me in this video. I suggest doing this at least 2-3 a week starting out. Also, you can always go for a brisk power around the field or court for a set amount of time. Walking can provide various benefits when you actually push yourself.

Late At Night

After all your tasks for the day are complete and everyone is gone asleep. Finish strong with a nice workout to relieve the stress from the day. Take a nice warm shower afterward to help you get to sleep. I used to do this during my college years and it worked like charm. During the day I would eat solid nutrient-dense meals, take a brief nap if there was time, complete any assignments due, hang with friends, and actually think about what I was going to do in the gym. Once I was in the gym, I could completely focus on my workout. It was my sanctuary, a place of peace to let go of it all to have another nutrient-dense meal afterward with a treat.

During Commercial Breaks

While watching your favorite show, select a few exercises to do during commercial breaks. It’s a 2 for 1 special, tv and exercise at once. I got this idea from a coach of mine in high school. We didn’t have a strength training program, I didn’t have money to buy a bunch of gym equipment or space to put it. As a result, I would just do tons of push-ups, sit-ups, and curls with my 10-pound dumbbells during the commercials of a show I was watching. Visit my Instagram page to get some ideas.

During Your Children’s Nap Time

When they go down, I would usually say “you go down too” but in this instance, workout while they nap and if you finish up early, then take a nap with them. Having kids changes your lifestyle big time. Your energy levels go down because they have sapped it out of you, especially during those early years. You have to counter that by staying fit whenever you can. Naptime is a perfect time for a micro-workout. Not sure what a micro-workout is, it’s just a short workout that doesn’t take a lot of time. It could be just doing one to two sets of an exercise, just be sure that it’s challenging.

While At The Playground With Your Kids

With this one, if there aren’t a lot of kids around, play on the playground with your children to be active. If no one is at the playground, hook up a TRX and/or exercise on the playground equipment, this way you can watch your children and exercise at the same time. The great thing about this is that your kids get to see you be active. Children are little sponges and take in a lot, especially of what they see you do. It’s a great time to instill some healthy lifestyle habits.

You have to learn to be an opportunist and exercise when you can. Whatever free time life, work and family gives you, take advantage of it. You don’t need a whole hour, 10 to 20 minutes will do. Just get moving; if you’re having trouble coming up with a fitness plan and could use some coaching, contact me today.

Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You

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