Benefits of Fasting that Aren’t Health-Related

I know intermittent fasting has been all the craze in the dieting world. It can provide you with tremendous health benefits if done safely such as blood sugar control, help fight inflammation, improve blood pressure and cholesterol, aid in weight loss and muscle growth, and much more. That’s a great thing but what about the other benefits of fasting? Such as the benefits that aren’t health-related.

If you don’t know by now, I like to look at matters holistically. I found that when fasting, I benefited in other areas of my life in the process. Perhaps this something you never noticed while on a fast or even thought of if considering going on a fast. Well, allow me to share with you the benefits of fasting that aren’t health-related that I experienced.

Save Money

I saved money by not buying breakfast and/or lunch while at work. I know you probably heard someone say this before but it’s really true. Skipping breakfast or lunch, I saved about $10-$15 a week. Some people spend $5-$15 on breakfast or lunch a day. That’s about $100-$300 a month for just buying one of those meals Monday through Friday, double if you’re buying both breakfast and lunch. Overall, you could save a good amount of money in groceries and mindfully prep to ration food as need according to your fast. Think about what else you could do with that money instead. You could further enhance your health by investing in health and fitness products. Perhaps you want to pick a new skill or hobby you always wanted to do. Take that money and flip it to make more money. Having more money gives you options.  

Be More Productive

I don’t know about you but I like to work uninterrupted especially if I’m in the zone. Sometimes taking a break to eat out of habit can waste time. Yes, people are triggered to eat sometimes just out of habit despite not being hungry. So, if you’re not hungry why break up productivity to go eat? When taking a break, you may get caught up in a conversation or distracted into doing something else taking away the time and energy you need to complete the task you left. That’s not good if what you were doing is time-sensitive. By skipping a meal or two, you can keep working, possibly getting more done. I’ve done this plenty of times in college and at work, freeing up time later to take care of my other responsibilities. While others were rushing to meet due dates, I was cruising along with no worries because I finished everything.

Simplifies Life

It lessens the number of decisions you have to make for the day. Think about how many times you ask yourself “What I am going to eat”? You sit there trying to think about what you have in the fridge or what to buy if you’re out. This becomes even more frustrating when you’re trying to eat healthily or following a certain diet. If you only one or two meals to eat per day, you only need to come up with a few meals. You could simply make yourself a weekly menu or prepare all your meals 1 or 2 days of the week. Another option would be to sign up for a meal delivery service with meals already made. Some all you have to do is warm it up. Keep it simple as possible, don’t make life more complicated.

In conclusion, there are benefits of fasting that aren’t health-related you can truly reap. Save that money and spend it elsewhere, be more productive by not breaking to eat, and simplify life-giving yourself fewer decisions to make. Hope this article gives you more motivation if you’re thinking about fasting or struggling with it. Be sure to visit my healthy lifestyle shop and resources page to further aid in your health and wellness journey.

Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You

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