Best Fitness Tips for New Dads

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First of all, congratulations. Well done and give yourself a round of applause. You assisted and helped bring life into this world. I know it wasn’t a walk in the park for most of you, trust me, I know as a father and husband myself. It’s not going to get easier now that the baby or babies is here. Despite all that, you must still keep yourself in good shape or get back in shape. Some of us tend to put on weight too during pregnancy along with our wives. The goal is not to have a dad-bod or at least redefine what a dad-bod is. Your family needs and wants you around. Therefore, I want to share some of the best fitness tips for new dads that I used for myself and my clients.

Take advantage of naps

When your spouse and baby/babies go down for a nap, take one yourself or go get a workout in. Personally, I got a workout in, then joined them for a nap. Their nap time is the time for you to take care of you. You can workout, nap, or do both as I did. Don’t sacrifice your sleep and rest unless you really have to. Once they wake, your time and attention will most likely be focused on their needs.

Consider micro workouts

Do micro workouts instead of long drawn-out workouts. Every exercise session doesn’t have to be a hour-long or more. You can have a great workout in 30 minutes. If need be split your long workout in half. Do half in the morning and another in the evening if you must. I, only worked out for 15-20 minutes three to four times a week using all compound exercise when my wife and I had our kids. Make the best of the time that you have because something is better than nothing.

Hire a coach

Consider hiring a fitness coach. They can write up a program for you to follow. It would be best to get a coach that can write you a program that fits the demands of your lifestyle especially considering time won’t be on your side as new a dad. An online coach would probably be best since you wouldn’t have to meet up with them most likely either. Also, it’s more cost-effective than the in-person personal training most times.

Write it down

Keep a journal of everything you’re doing. It doesn’t have to be super elaborate as long as you understand it. Track your reps, sets, rest periods, the food you eat, and so forth. This way you can see what’s working and what’s not working. It’ll stop you from wasting time and make it easier for you to make corrections where needed to progress.

Be realistic

Be realistic about your goals. More than likely you will not have the same amount of energy and/or time you did before the baby or babies got here. Don’t expect your bench to increase by 50 pounds in a month, to go vegan overnight, keep having hour-long sessions with no interruptions, and so on. Accept and embrace gradual change. Be like bamboo my cousin once told. Be strong yet flexible. Also, don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Keep it accessible

Keep the barriers to working out low as possible by making exercise accessible. You can do this by investing in fitness equipment to use, keeping gym clothes in your car, becoming a member of a gym that’s near your home, or keeping fitness equipment in open areas where you can’t miss it but keep it neat. I keep a small bag of resistance tubes in an accessible area so I caneasily grab them when I want to. I don’t have to dig through or move a lot of stuff to get to it.

Listen to your body

Listen to your body and not your ego or pride. If you are tired and falling asleep randomly, get some rest. You won’t have effective workout sessions if not rested. Make time to eat nutritious food to refuel your body for proper recovery. Don’t want to cook or you’re just not that good at it, consider getting a blender to make smoothies. If doing an exercise that doesn’t feel good, stop, adjust your form or do one that does feel good. You sustaining an injury at this time is not good for the family or yourself.

There you have it, some of the best workout tips for new dads that you can start using today. Again, congratulations. Enjoy some time off and bond with the family, then start easing your way back into working out. You’re going to have to be in shape and have the energy to keep up with your little one or ones once when they get moving on their own.

Hope that you found this article to be helpful. Please share it with your family, friends, co-worker, or whomever to share the knowledge and improve lives. I have an article for new moms as well here. If you need some one-on-one assistance, visit my services page. You may check out more of my blogs and/or healthy lifestyle resource page for more great companies that help you.

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