Best Weight Loss Affirmations For New Moms

Being a personal trainer for over the past decade and being a husband to a beautiful woman that gave birth to our lovely children, I’ve had my share of experiences with new moms wanting to lose weight. I envisioned helping my wife but not as many as I did as a trainer. While helping these new moms and my wife shed weight, I noticed one thing that really made a big difference and that was a change in mindset. That was the very first thing that needed to be done before anything else. Once their minds became positive, more consistent action occurred, which eventually led to weight loss.

In a nutshell, I gave these new moms affirmations to assist them with their weight loss. A change in mindset was needed. I would hear “Bernard I’m so fat”, “Bernard, look at this” while they wiggle their arms or grabbing their stomach fat, and much more. The more they spoke negatively about themselves, the more discouraged they became resulting in less action. When I would hear these ladies say this about themselves, I would counter the negative self-talk with something positive. So, I would like to help all of you new moms out there just like I helped my clients. Below, I’m going to share some weight loss affirmations with you to help redirect your mind with positive thoughts.

I brought life into the world, I’m allowed time to bounce back

It took 9 months to form that beautiful gift to the world inside of you, allow yourself at least 9 months minimum to your body back.

My outward looks aren’t the only thing that defines me

Beauty is more than how you look but also how you think and express yourself. Work from the inside out and let it manifest into a body of resilience.

Take it one day at a time

Don’t look too far ahead. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but the present day is a gift. Cherish and make the most of the present-day with your efforts. Eventually, a multitude of productive days piling up on one another will lead to a pile of unhealthy weight coming off.

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Every day is an opportunity to move and improve

Every day you wake up is an opportunity to improve by getting your body to move. Be active every day in some capacity to help burn those calories and utilize fat stores.

Caring for my body is a form of love that I appreciate

Selfcare is the best care many say. Caring for your body is a way to show it some love and that you care about it. You will thank, you about it later down the line for the work and love you put into taking care of yourself.

I eat to thrive not to survive

No longer will you eat just to satisfy your hunger but rather eat to fuel your body and to shed those pounds. Eat food that gives life to your body and energizes it.

Be active to stay active

Keep longevity in mind by aiming to be functional majority of your life into old age. Continue to use your body to upkeep it.

This is a natural stage of motherhood I will embrace, cherish, and learn from

Putting on some weight during motherhood is part of the process. It’s completely natural, it’s a time to learn to listen to your body as it goes through a transformation. Definitely great to do so if you want to go for another child.

Exercise and healthy food is my lifestyle

Exercising and eating healthy food is not a chore but rather a way of life now that you will reap the benefits of overtime. When someone thinks of or sees you, you will be a walking example of hope and inspiration.

Weight loss is not a sprint but a marathon, I must pace myself

This is not a sprint of a short distance, it’s a marathon that requires you to pace yourself and to run your race. Don’t burn yourself out. You are in this for the long haul by making this a life long journey of health and wellbeing.

Being healthy allows me to better care for my child

Taking care of your health allows you to better care for that precious little bundle of joy. A functional and healthy body is a whole lot easier to move around and be functional with. Trust me, you’re going to need it.

My body is a work of art that I get to shape and mold

You are an artist and your body is a piece of fine art that you get to work on to put on display. So take your time, envision your future self, try different foods and exercises to build the body you want and are going to use as life goes on.

Use however many of these affirmations that you feel applies most to you or when it feels appropriate. The mind is like fertile soil and you want to plant good seeds in it to produce a bountiful harvest, not seeds that produce strangling weeds. It’s time to uplift yourself. Get your mind right to get your body right. While you’re on this weight loss journey, enjoy it, and learn from it. I know you can do it, just put your mind to it and go for it.

Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You


New moms, visit my healthy resource page and shop to find more useful services and tools to aid you in your weight loss journey. Being a new mom can be tough but I know that you can do it. You’ve been chosen to be someone’s mom, so just do the best you can and know you’re not alone but remember to take care of yourself. Need help, shedding some of the pounds, don’t hesitate to reach to me for some assistance.

Take care

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