Fitness Programs

No gimmicks or quick-fix fitness programs here but easy to follow and solid fitness programs to get you heading in the right direction with honest work and effort. Program options range from general fitness, weight loss, strength, specialty, and so forth using your bodyweight, dumbbells, and/or other equipment for whatever your goal may be. Now before beginning any of my fitness programs be sure to read and review these terms and conditions, and affiliate disclosure. Once done, explore your options below. I wish you the best on our fitness and health journey.

*Directions: Once you buy your program be sure to download and save it somewhere secure*

Weight Loss

Start shedding pounds and/or losing fat. Yes, you read that correctly, I said “and/or”, sometimes your weight may not drop by a lot but your bodyfat does having you looking leaner and more defined. Weight alone can be deceiving. Your body has a weight it likes naturally and these programs are built to help get it there. 

Beginner’s Bodyweight 4 Week General Fitness Program

4 Week Bodyweight Beginner’s Weight Loss Program

A four week fitness program for novice and beginners. Workout 4-6 days a week only utilizing your bodyweight. Contains exercises that aren’t complex yet effective that almost anyone can do. 




Time to get stronger to carry out tasks to get the job done. Gain the strength needed to lift, carry, or move things as needed.

Muscle Mass/Hypertrophy

Let’s pack on some muscle mass with hypertrophy training. Time to breakdown some to build it back it bogger and better.

4 Week Bodyweight Muscle Mass Program

Build muscle mass with your own bodyweight. No weights needed at all. Train 4 to 6 days a week. Great to use in a gym, on a playground, at a outdoor workout park, with a power tower, or anywhere with a horizontal bar to pull on.




Specialty programs built for a targeted goals and/or populations. 

General Fitness

General all around fitness program to aiming to help one to improve in all areas such strength, flexibility, endurance, and more.

Beginner’s Bodyweight 4 Week General Fitness Program

Great for any newbies to fitness wanting to become a little more active and not jump off in the deep end. Ease your way into working out with this four week bodyweight program with simple and effective workouts.