Health Benefits of Gardening

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Gardening can provide amazing health benefits if you have not heard. Benefits that can change your quality of life forever for the better. This simple hobby and life skill have been around for ages but as the world has become more technology-driven and schools not teaching this skill at all, many are missing out. Well, you do not have to and neither do they anymore after reading this article on how gardening can help with your health. Let us begin, shall we?

Provides Physical Activity

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Having and working in a garden is a great way to be physically active on a regular basis. This is especially true if you do succession gardening in which you are transplanting crops one after another throughout the growing season so you can harvest crops more frequently. In turn, you would tend to garden more often as a result. When gardening, you are squatting, lifting, and rotating quite often working plenty of muscles. If you have a good-sized garden, there will be plenty of labor for you to get you in shape and keep you in shape. I have worked up plenty of good sweats out in the garden.

Safer Food Possibly

By growing your own food naturally and organically, you can avoid or at least lower the number of chemicals on your food. These chemicals may include pesticides, herbicides, and/or insecticides which have been associated with numerous short and long-term health issues such as cancer, asthma, COPD, and more (1). Some of your favorite foods are on the “Dirty Dozen” list for having the most pesticides on them used by farmers when growing them.

Nutrient-Dense Food

If your soil is full of life, it will produce food that is nutrient-dense to fuel your body with nutrients. Your bodies need nutrients to function properly. Although people are eating plenty of food considering how obesity has pretty much become a pandemic, think about how many are malnourished. Multivitamins and other supplements exist for a good reason when integrity is involved. The food we consume today is not the same as it was decades ago. Soils are being depleted of nutrients and life, not passing much onto the food that feeds off it.

Good for Mental & Psychological Health

As humans, we are social creatures and benefit when interacting with one another. As people get older and retire, the opportunities to socialize may decrease. Thankfully, there are organizations like the American Community Gardening Association that offer a locator tool for finding your nearest community garden. Having something to look forward to gives people purpose to live.

Just being in a place where one is exposed to plants or gardening has shown to help with lowering stress and managing some emotions overall in therapeutic settings (2). Imagine after a tough day at work, coming home to a nice peaceful garden where you can collect your thoughts or be at ease. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Help Prevent, Alleviate, and Combat Diseases and Other Health Conditions

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Many of our diseases today are preventable and curable due to the fact they are directly associated with what we eat. Health conditions and diseases ranging from type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, and some cancers are a few examples where diet plays a huge role (3). As I mentioned before, getting all the nutrients your body needs is essential for optimal health. Therefore, growing nutrient-dense food that is easily accessible to you can really benefit you, your family, and your community.

Farm-to-table is great, but backyard-to-table is even better in my opinion. You save gas by not having to go to the store, save money by not having to buy so many groceries, and help the environment by decreasing emissions from the transportation of your food.

In addition, gardening gets you outdoors into the fresh air and vitamin D. I realize that in some places of the world, the air quality is not the best outdoors but for many, it is, especially around areas where there are plenty of trees. Many times in our homes toxins build-up from the off-gassing of products we bought such as mattresses, furniture, paint, and more that could affect our health in a negative way. Thankfully, not only could you garden outside to get clean air but can do so inside as well with plants that help purify the air.

Besides the health benefits of gardening, it is just plain fun to do. You do not need much at all to get started. Gardening can be done in small spaces such as an apartment patio or on a larger scale such as acres of land. One can keep it as simple as possible or make it super elaborate, it is whatever you want to do. Let your imagination run wild. “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy” a quote from Ms. Frizzle from one of my favorite childhood cartoon tv shows, the “Magic School Bus”. She would tell her students that all the time to help them learn. That is how you want to approach gardening.

Why not reap these amazing health benefits? All you need is seedssoil, water, and sun to experience the health benefits of gardening and a little fun. Stop by my online store and visit the gardening section to get started. Continue to read my healthy lifestyle blog and explore my resources page to help you live a sustainable healthy life.

Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You

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