Healthy Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday as an Adult

Every year a special day comes around in which we celebrate the day we were born, our birthday. On this day, traditionally most would celebrate by having ice cream, cake, soda, chips, and so forth especially when you were a kid. As an adult one may do the same but have adult beverages included and sit around mostly. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with celebrating a birthday this way but there is definitely a more conducive way for our health to do so. This is why I wrote this article about healthy ways to celebrate your birthday as an adult to give you some ideas to keep you on track with your health and fitness goals.

Now, I know, one day of junk food and alcohol won’t necessarily harm you unless you’re at a breaking point and don’t realize it in terms of your health or you completely overdo it but again, you may want to try celebrating your birthday another way this time around. Perhaps you’re living or want to live a more conscious healthy lifestyle and want to keep it that way. I’m going to assume that you do, so let’s take a look at several healthy ways to celebrate your birthday as an adult.


Hire a DJ or make your own playlist and get the party started with music that’ll get everybody up out of their seats and onto the dance floor. Play a bunch of line dancing songs that are easy for everyone to follow. Start a Soul Train line, who didn’t love that show when it used to come on. Another option is to do a follow the leader type. I have a cousin who did this and it was hilarious. Everyone had to follow him around the yard doing whatever dance he was doing. Having someone comical to leave makes it even better.

Play Games

Play games that get people to be active. Pick something everyone can participate in. You can play volleyball, tag, flag football, ultimate frisbee, basketball, do obstacle courses, and so much more. There are tons of options to choose from. One thing that I’ve seen people do is creating different areas or stations for games, this way you try to accommodate most people’s skill levels.


Instead of focusing on sitting, eating, and drinking; talk to your guest. Go table to table visiting your guest. You can play more games that require everyone to interact. Again, set up stations of games to play. Keep things fun and exciting as much as possible. I would have those giant board games out to play like Connect 4, Checkers, or Jenga. You can always stick with the new classic, Corn Hole which everyone can play. The point is to take keep people from sitting, eating, and drinking the entire time.

Stick to Water                              

Instead of sugar-laden beverages or alcohol, stick with water as the beverage. It doesn’t have to be regular old water. Buy some sparkling water or fruit-infused water. You can create either yourself and add flavor without a ton of added sugar. Everyone gets to stay hydrated and enjoy a flavorful beverage that won’t dehydrate them and spike their insulin levels. If you decide to have alcohol, be responsible and don’t let it be your main beverage for the day. Remain sober and take in all the memories that are going to be created that day.

Ration the Sweets

Instead of just randomly buy some insane amount of desserts, tally up how many people may come and buy the appropriate amount. I strongly suggest buying individual or snack-sized treats and desserts such as cups of ice cream, yogurt, or ration it out. I would put a limit on the number of sweets available. Setup a small dessert table and only refill it once all the treats and desserts have been taking off it.

Keep Appetizers and Meals Colorful

Eat the rainbow and make the selections of food colorful as possible. This can be done by putting out an array of fruits and vegetables as appetizers or as sides to the main meal. Doing this will help provide a range of nutrients. Make it even more enticing by getting creative. Create some sort of design with the food to draw people to it to eat.

Pick a Healthy Friendly Venue

If you decide to eat out somewhere, pick a place that has plenty of healthy options to choose from. Instead of eating, plan an activity to do instead. Here’s a cool idea, go play laser tag with your family and friends or go on a fishing trip. You have to think outside of the box of a usual birthday celebration. Food doesn’t always have to be involved in a birthday celebration nor does have to be all day. So you can do an activity for 1-2 hours, thank everyone for coming, and go back to your everyday life. This can possibly limit the amount of temptation or exposure to unhealthy habits.

And there you have it, several healthy ways to celebrate your birthday as an adult. You can still have a fantastic birthday without ice cream, cake, fried food, and alcohol. It’s not a requirement for a good time although some feel they have to have it and can’t celebrate without it. I know it tastes good but if you’re one whose health is on the line, battling some ailments, or aiming to live a healthier lifestyle, start celebrating your life in a way that’s conducive to life.

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Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You

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