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Healthy Ways to Reward Yourself for Working Out and Eating Healthy

You know, after working out and eating healthier to lose weight or get in better shape for quite some time, I believe you ought to reward yourself or celebrate the achievement in some shape, form, or fashion. The only problem is, people, tend to reward themselves with items or actions that are counter-productive to their goals to the point it completely derails them and they struggle to bounce back.

I like my sweets and will eat them sometimes as a reward but I do so mindfully while remaining in control. If you want to reward yourself with donuts, don’t go buy a box of a dozen donuts. Rather, buy 1-3 individual donuts. If you know donuts are a weakness and you have no control don’t use them as a reward, find another reward. This is where some run into trouble.

Therefore, this is where I come in to give you healthy ways to reward yourself for working out and eating healthier. Get ready because I have plenty of rewards for you to choose from and I get specific about how it can further assist you on your fitness and health journey. Below, you will find rewards that are conducive to your health and fitness goals, along with some examples of the types of rewards.

Workout Clothes

Treat yourself to new workout clothes. Look good and feel good while working up a sweat. Toss the old worn-out clothes that probably don’t fit anymore and get yourself something new. I personally recommend Dri Fit clothing to workout in, it’s built for performance, comfort, and is breathable to help prevent you from overheating.

New Shoes

You have to take care of your feet and part of that involves having some comfortable shoes. Besides, not upgrading your shoes when appropriate could lead to injuries over time. Those soles can get worn out and be off-balance. Make sure you have the proper support. Your feet are what bear all your weight.

Exercise Mat

Instead of laying on the ground or on some random floor, invest in a nice exercise or yoga mat. Perhaps you want to work on flexibility or struggle to remember some exercise, there are mats with stretching poses on them to use as a guide.

Water Bottle

Get a new water bottle that’ll help stay hydrated throughout the day. I personally use a Stanely Thermos instead to hold my water because it’s built to last with its lifetime warranty and keeps my water at the same temperature for hours. There are also water bottles with motivational quotes on them to help keep you abreast with drinking water.

Meal Service Subscription

Take advantage of meal service subscriptions. There are so many to choose from with their own unique approach such as plant-based, keto, and so forth. There is Blue Apron, Fresh n Lean, Home Chef, Green Chef, Purple Carrot, Fresh Meal, and others. Some provide the ingredients for you to and others already have the meal cooked and it just needs to be warmed up. This can save you time, expand your palate, and more. Making life more convenient.


Fix those pre and post-workout shakes and smoothies in a brand new blender. You can get an on-the-go size blender in individual size or full size to make batches at home. I personally use the Magic Bullet and Ninja blenders. They have served me and my family well.

Slow and Pressure Cooker

This time-saving hands-off style of cooking brings the flavor out in your food and it’s easy to learn how to use if you’ve never used one. They’re easy to clean and can also save you money since they don’t use much energy.


Want to absorb nutrients faster, consider getting a juicer. Take shots of nutrients instead of eating them. Juice your fruits and vegetables together to make your own version of a V8 drink.

Fitness Tracker

Into numbers and collecting data when it comes to reaching your goals? Perhaps reward yourself with a fitness tracker. The most popular ones are smartwatches, stylish, and keep you abreast with your progress. Many come with apps as well, allowing you to check your data on your smartphone as well.

New Scale

Just as before, take advantage of technology and invest in a smart scale. Smart scales measure multiple metrics of body composition such as body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, BMI, and more. Depending on which one you get, the metrics measured may vary.

New Weights

Invest in a weight set or adjustable dumbbells to get your workouts in at home in case you can’t make it to the gym. These really came in hand during the COVID pandemic when folks were stuck at home. If you want, just go ahead and build a home gym.

Cardio Equipment

Make an addition to your home gym by rewarding yourself with a piece of cardio equipment. There is plenty to choose from such as a treadmill, bike, rower, jump rope, and more. Concerned about space? Don’t worry, some companies make equipment that can be folded away for storage. Slide that treadmill right underneath your bed.

Cooking Class or Course

Have you always had a desire to learn how to cook? Sign up for a cooking class in your local area or get private lessons. If you don’t want to go out, no worries, check out the online cooking courses Udemy has to offer at prices that you can’t beat.


I know many are used to going on YouTube now to learn how to cook but a good old cookbook is still good to have on hand. That’s how I learned how to make bread pudding. Get yourself a nice little book stand and stock up on some cookbooks to keep in the kitchen for quick references.

Spa Day

After putting your body through all that work, why not treat it with a spa day. Sit back, relax, and be pampered. Get a massage to help soothe those sore muscles and put that mind of yours at ease by relieving some stress.

Chiropractor Adjustment

Have achy back and/feel your posture is slipping? May be time for you to pay a chiropractor a visit. Get some adjustments done to help give you some relief. It may also help to lower your reliance on painkillers if you take any frequently.

Wellness Retreat/Conference

You and your friend get together and go on a wellness retreat. Take your health to next level by getting away and to a place where your health is the center of attention. Get instruction from experts and zone in. No distractions and focus on mind, body, and soul.


Take some time off to do absolutely nothing. Get away from your daily hustle and bustle. Take time to unwind and relax. You can take the classic vacation and go away somewhere or do a staycation. Now, the key to taking a staycation is to make sure you set boundaries and make yourself unavailable. Make yourself unavailable to work and people. No checking emails, taking quick trips to the office, or answering phone calls that aren’t emergencies.

Gym Membership

Join a gym or upgrade your current gym membership. Take advantage of all that the gym has to offer. This could massage services, classes, or discounts in their shop.

A Meal

Treat yourself to a nice meal and no, it doesn’t have to be the healthiest meal. If you’ve been working your butt off eating clean all week or most of the week, go ahead and treat yourself with what you want. Just be careful and get right back on track afterward. I suggest that you go out to eat something you normally don’t have access to regularly. This way it’s really a treat that’s hard for you to come by if feeling tempted.

New Journal

Invest in fitness and/or nutrition journal. Keeping track of your workouts and diet can really take your health and performance to another level.

Lunch Box

Anything that deals with food I love it. Get yourself a lunch box of some sort. I personally have a bento box as a lunch box in which containers are stackable. Another type of lunch bag you could get, are meal prep lunch bags that can store multiple meals. Finally, of course, you stick to the classic lunch box or bag.

Food Storage Containers

Get some quality storage containers to keep your food in. Glass, ceramic, silicone, and stainless steel are your best option when it comes to safety, durability, and is non-toxic. If you find yourself only able to use plastic, only use it long as you have to then make the switch. The plastic may be leaching into your food.

Music or Podcast Subscription

Reward yourself with a music and/or podcast subscription to help get you through your workouts. Amazon Music Unlimited offers both. A good podcast during a long cardio session will help keep your mind off working so hard and some music will get you pumped up to lift some weights.


As I suggested prior to this, subscribing to a music and/or podcast subscription, having something to use to listen to them is important. Consider getting some headphones. I suggest getting some that are made for those that workout which would be waterproof to an extent and designed well enough to stay on or in your ears while working out.

Pick Up a New Hobby

Pick up a new one that’s conducive to your health. Sign up for cooking classes, hiking, and so forth. It doesn’t just have to be for your physical health, it can be for mental and/or spiritual health. Join a weekly book club, purchase a gaming console to play in your spare time, let that inner child out sometime; or start journaling.  

Buy a Book

I know this may sound boring but purchase a good book to read. This can be for pleasure or to gain more knowledge. Perhaps you no longer want paperback books anymore, invest in a kindle and download books to read. You save space and money that way.

Buy Gardening Supplies

Start growing your own food and being more self-sufficient. Grab some heirloom seeds from SeedsNow and garden supplies from Garden Supply Company. I had to mention this as a hobby gardener myself.

At this point, I think I covered enough rewards and that you get the point. There are clearly plenty of healthy ways to reward yourself for working out and eating healthier without jeopardizing all the time and effort spent in reaching your goals. By rewarding yourself, you give yourself further incentive to achieve your goals which in turn can help you to remain consistent, disciplined, and focused.

Be sure to share this with your family, friends, and co-workers. I know there are plenty of people that can use this list, don’t keep it to yourself. I hope that you found it useful yourself and that it further motivates you, taking your accomplishment to another level.

If in need of more assistance with your fitness and nutrition, consider my services, fitness programs, and reading more my blog. You may also refer to some as well. Keep working hard, achieve your goals and enjoy the process.

Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You

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