How to Lose Weight with Your Smartphone Camera

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How to lose weight with your smartphone camera may sound pretty weird to you right now but it’s totally possible. A photo can reveal a lot of information if you learn how to decipher it. In this article, I am going explain to how to lose weight with your smartphone camera in a few simple steps.

There is only one tool you need obviously which will be your cell phone. Pretty much, everyone, these days owns a cell phone and takes tons of photos with them. Therefore, doing what I am about to ask will not be some hard skill you have to learn. It’s an extension of something you already do. Essentially, you are going to create a food log by taking photos of what you eat. Some people do this already but not for weight loss most of the time.

Now, you may say this is nothing new, you could just download a fitness app to do this which may be true but I find this route may be preferred by some. Plus, I’m not a big fitness app person nor may others be. This route has less of a learning curve in my opinion. You can add notes about the photo if you want. Considering technology, you can take a photo then literally write notes on the photo, works great if you have a phone with a stylist. Another option I found to be great is using Google Notes because you can attach photos to the note and type your notes underneath.

You can take notes right at the moment of taking the photo, wait and go back at the end of the day to record notes, or at the end of the week. You have options here, do what works for you but I don’t recommend taking notes after a weeks’ worth of photos since your memory is required, both in your brain and phone.

The key again is to decipher the photo and you’re going to do that by asking yourself a few questions. Those questions will revolve around who, what, when, where, why, and how. It’s amazing how asking those questions can reveal so much to help solve any problem. The photos you take can help answer these questions about your current weight. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Ask yourself the following types of questions:


Who I am eating with? Our health can be affected by who we surround ourselves with since they can have an influence on us and our choices (1). Think about how your upbringing shaped and groomed you as a person. If you happen to take pictures with your food and other people happened to be in it, you can possibly tell who was in your company at the time if you couldn’t remember. There may be a need for an adjustment in your social circle or the dynamics of it.


What I am eating and what are my portion sizes? It’s important to know what you’ve been eating when trying to lose weight. After countless nutrition consultations, I noticed many people can’t remember what they ate the day before and sometimes the day of their consultation. What we eat plays a huge role in obesity. Therefore, being able to recall what you ate is crucial. In addition, knowing your portion size helps by giving you a hint to what to eat or drink more or less of.


When did I eat this meal in terms of time and date? Knowing the time and date of when you ate is always helpful especially if you fall ill and need to report the information to your doctor. Also, it will enable you to see any patterns during certain times of the year, month, or day. There may be a slew of birthdays during a certain part of the year and that’s when you typically put on weight. On your phone, you can easily find details about a photo’s date and/or time by click on the setting of that particular photo. Knowing “when” can help you better prepare when the time comes around again for you to face that situation.


Where did I partake in this meal? At a particular restaurant, home, on the couch, in your car, at a friend’s house. Here, you are looking at your environment. If you don’t remember, you can look at the background and surroundings of the photo to figure out where you ate. There may be some logo, napkin, or object you’ll recognize. You can associate the picture with a location. There may be some triggers in a location that influence your food choices. Environment plays a huge role because it also helps to dictate what you do in everyday life.


Why did I choose to eat that particular food? The picture may help you to identify and/or understand your triggers and/or motive but to a deeper extent. Perhaps it was a special occasion, you had a craving, family tradition, or another reason. Either way, taking the “why” into consideration helps to get to the root. If you can identify the source, it can stop a chain reaction of poor diet decisions.


How did I feel before, during, and/or after the meal mentally and physically? Were you stressed, excited, sluggish, or other? The goal here is that the picture helps you to recall these feelings. People can look at photos and it takes them back to that time and feeling. It happens quite often when we see photos from our youth.

That is how to lose weight with your smartphone camera. That smartphone camera can do more than just capture memories, it can help you drop some pounds by revealing things about your habits and your environment that may have caused your weight gain all through some photos. Using your smartphone camera to lose weight the way I described above helps you to take a holistic approach toward weight loss and not so much a diet approach.

Start a photo food log today, give yourself a visual log. There is no need to count calories with this approach. This method takes on a more realistic and organic approach, requiring you to get to know yourself on a deeper level. You become a bit of a detective and solve your own mystery. I’m a huge advocate of a sustainable holistic lifestyle approach toward changing habits. Cell phones are going to be around for a while and are part of our everyday lives, let us use them to our advantage and not disadvantage. Pair this method with a good fitness program and other healthy lifestyle changes, you will on your way to a lighter you.

Be sure to visit my healthy lifestyle resource page and check out my services for additional help if needed before you head out.

Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You

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