How to Make Your Bathroom Healthier

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As I mentioned in my article “One of the Best Health Tips of All-Time”, changing your environment plays a key role in your health and it makes sense to change the environment of places you spend the most time. Now, the next place I’m going to talk about is the bathroom. Now, for some of us, we don’t spend a ton of time in the bathroom but for others, it may be a different story. I know people who spend 2-3 hours in the bathroom a day. Now what they are doing in there that long, baffles me but today I’m going to cover how to make your bathroom a healthier place with a list of items.

It won’t be too long because there isn’t much to do in the bathroom


Many people are walking around constipated. A possible solution to help with that would be to keep a footstool in the bathroom. When sitting on the toilet and having your feet elevated, it helps to align the rectum to a more appropriate angle allowing poop to pass through easier (1). We shouldn’t be straining and sitting on the toilet for a long time.

Proper Ventilation

The bathroom can get quite humid and moist when taking a shower, therefore creating an ideal environment for bacteria and mold. Having nice ventilation to keep moisture from just sitting can help prevent mold, bacteria, and germs from building up and making a home in your bathroom. Having a ventilation fan properly installed if you don’t have one already could be the option for you. Check out Bob Villa’s article on this topic for more information. If you don’t have a fan, keep the door or window open to ventilate the bathroom. Keep your shower curtains open after a shower or bath as well to ventilate the shower area.

Stay As Natural As You Can

As I mentioned in another one of my articles, the off-gassing of products can increase with a rise in temperature. Imagine how much occurs during one of your long hot showers from the paint you have on the wall or other products you have on the shelves in the bathroom. You don’t want to breathe that in for long, this will contribute to your home’s air pollution. Keep your products as natural as possible from the paint on the walls, toothpaste, deodorant, sprays, and so forth. Especially for products you put on your skin or in your body. Keep the number of toxins down as low as possible.

Proper Lighting and a Mirror

I know you’re wondering, what does lighting and a mirror have to do with making your bathroom a healthier environment? Well, we all check ourselves out in the mirror here and there, therefore why not use it more effectively? You want to have good lighting and a big mirror to see your whole body so that you examine yourself every day. Look for discoloration, lumps, bruises, and so forth that may be of concern and should be checked out by a doctor. A good mirror and quality lighting are good for preventative health.

Shower Filter

Considering the quality of water depending on where one lives, it may be useful to use a shower filter to eliminate or lower some of the minerals, chemicals, and/or bacteria that may affect your health.  Many shower filters are inexpensive and relatively easy to install, so they won’t cost you much time or money. There are also filters for faucets as well if wanting to filtrate all water entries.

Bathroom Mats

Pick a good bathtub/shower mat that won’t have you falling and busting your behind in the shower. Pick one that has good friction. You get in the shower to bathe not break bones. Besides not falling in the shower, you also want a mat that doesn’t hold bacteria and if does, make sure to clean it regularly. I suggest doing this once a week. You’ll be surprised and probably disgusted if you lifted up your bathtub/shower mat and looked underneath.

Another mat you want to wash regularly is the toilet mat. I won’t go into detail but body fluids/matter splash and that mat are in the splash zone. Also, if you’re not a shoes-off house, you or your loved ones may have tracked the outdoors into the indoors right into your bathroom. All in all, clean your bathroom mats to keep mold and other bacteria from building up. You don’t want to be breathing that in or getting it on your body.

Well, applying the above should help your bathroom be a healthier place for you and your family. Helping to maybe prevent some unnecessary illnesses or possibly alleviate some issues you and your loved ones may be experiencing. Be sure to check how to make these other environments in your life healthy:


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