How to Make Your Kitchen Healthier

As I mentioned in my article “One of the Best Health Tips of All-Time”, changing your environment plays a key role in improving your health and it makes sense to change the environment of places you spend the most time to become healthier. The kitchen is probably one place you spend the least amount of time if you don’t cook, but it dictates a lot in terms of your health. This is so because what we put in our mouths has a significant impact on our health. Many eat their way to disease and/or early grave when they don’t have to. In this article, I will give you ways on how to make your kitchen health conducive.

Keep Healthy Foods Easily Accessible

Most people like to have easy access to the things they want. That’s part of fast-food companies’ pitches to get you to come by; it’s fast, easy, and accessible. Use the same principle in your kitchen with healthy foods. Keep them out in the open and/or in front of everything else. An example would be to get a fruit tower to place near the entrance of your kitchen so it’s your first option when walking in the kitchen.

Invest in a Multi-Cooker

Sometimes you are too tired to cook or perhaps you don’t know how to cook. A simple solution to both of those is to invest in a multi-cooker also referred to as a multi-function cooker. Many of these appliances come with cookbooks with easy-to-follow recipes. They also work great for one-dish meals, set it, and leave it. Instant Pot is a really popular one, everyone seems to love.

Keep Cookbooks Around

Piggybacking on what I just mentioned to an extent, have cookbooks around.  I know we live in a technological era, but good old paperbacks are still useful. They don’t die on you either. Keep cookbooks around that inspire you to prepare healthier meals. Want to get fancy, get yourself a cookbook holder like you’re in a classic Disney movie living in a thatched roof house.

Post a Menu

Instead of trying to figure out what to cook all the time, have a set menu of healthy dishes you love to eat. Then post that menu somewhere in your kitchen. I suggest on the refrigerator or on the wall, make it a “can’t miss” size menu so it stands out. Make your own custom menu with the peel and stick dry erase boards from Amazon. Make a menu just like the ones you use when dining out.

Designate Little Space for Junk Food

Don’t allow a lot of space for junk food. I understand you may want to treat yourself here and there but don’t let that type of food take over if allowed in your home. Designate a small area for it so that it would fill up fast and not be any room left to put more there.

Post Quotes of Motivation

Post motivational quotes and words of inspiration around your kitchen to remind you of what your goals are and to keep you focused. It doesn’t have to be fancy, use some classic sticky notes or post its. Post something such as “eat green to be lean” or “eat to live”.

Use the Least Non-toxic Cookware

For the most part, it’s kind of hard to avoid toxins altogether but we can lessen our exposure to those toxins, especially when cooking by choosing the correct cookware. Non-coated lava rock and glass cookware appear to be the most non-toxic options followed by cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel,  or pure ceramic since they could leech iron, nickel, or other minerals (1, 2, 3 ). All in all, stay away from non-stick cookware and be cautious of coated cookware. Companies use a lot of misleading terms to sell you stuff. Please do your research.

Keep it Neat and Organized

Keep your kitchen neat and organized, this will bring structure and order. This may help by spilling over into your everyday life, perhaps in their area of your diet in being strategic in your approach toward your health. Being organized and structured can prevent you from getting off track.

Keep Healthy Staple Foods Stocked

Keep the healthy staple of foods in your diet stocked. If you eat a lot of oatmeal, buy it in bulk to have on hand. If beans are a staple on your diet, buy those bulk. I think you get the picture now, buy the healthy foods you eat consistently in bulk so they’re always available, and base your meals around those foods.

Grow Food In It

Go beyond farm to table, go kitchen to the dining room table with fresh food. There are plenty of ways to grow your food indoors. Of course, you need a good size kitchen depending on what you’re trying to grow but for something such as herbs or salad greens, the window seal space may be all you need. Also, with hydroponic and aquaponic systems, you can produce food faster and indoors. Some of the systems can be controlled through your phone and the systems come in various sizes as well. All in all, you’ll have super fresh food.

Have Closing Hours

Set closing hours for your kitchen. After a certain time, there is no need to be in the kitchen unless it’s for a good reason. Don‘t challenge temptation if you don’t have to. By shutting down the kitchen at a certain hour, it’ll give your digestive systems a breather and your body a chance to use those energy stores.

There you have it, that is how to make your kitchen environment healthier. Take some time to apply what you learned today. Be sure to check how to make these other environments in your life health conducive:


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