How to Make Your Living Room Healthier

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As I mentioned in my article “One of the Best Health Tips of All-Time”, changing your environment plays a key role in improving your health and it only makes sense to change the environment of places you spend the most time. A place that many of us spend time in our home is the living room. I know you’re wondering; how do I make the living room healthier? Well, there are several ways you can, and I will gladly share them with you in how to do so.

Store Exercise Equipment There

I know you’re probably thinking that you don’t want to clutter your living room and I don’t blame you. The good news is you don’t have to. There are companies that make fitness equipment that you can fold up to put into a closet or slide underneath your coach. There are treadmills and bikes that you can do that with to make sure you get your cardio in. There are also walking pads in which there is no folding necessary, just slide it away.

When it comes to strength training equipment there are adjustable dumbbells that can take the place of an entire set of dumbbells and its storage rack. Powerblocks and Bowflex make some great adjustable dumbbells providing a huge range of weight one could use. Resistance bands or a suspension trainer like a TRX are great options too since they can be stored in a bag and taken anywhere. The whole point here is to make the fitness equipment easily accessible.

Keep It Clean

Keep the air you breathe in clean as possible. Indoor air pollution is a real thing. The World Health Organization states household air pollution causes noncommunicable diseases including stroke, ischaemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lung cancer (1). One thing you can do is to make sure your air filter for home is cleaned on a regular basis as well as your floors in those high-traffic areas, especially your carpet or area rugs. You don’t want to circulate unclean air and have your floor harboring pollution particles. I suggest investing in a quality air filter for the living room to supplement your home air filter.

Finally, to get to the root of the matter; watch what you bring into your home, to begin with. Don’t smoke in your home, watch the materials you cook with since most of the time the kitchen is next to the living room, and so forth. All in all, do your best to buy and use products that don’t off-gas nasty chemicals or at least keep it as minimal as possible. Check out this article from Architectural Digest on off-gassing for more detail.

Open the Windows

This kind of ties into the tip above. Open your windows and let fresh air circulate into your home and that polluted air out. Now, be wary of where you live, not all air outside of your is equally clean. If you live highly dense area like a city, you may be better off keeping your windows closed. Getting some fresh quality air can be quite beneficial. It can increase oxygenation levels, may reduce airborne illness and infection, and possibly help your brain to function better.

Let Sunlight In

We all know that sunlight is good for us but we don’t get the amount that we really need by being indoors so much. There are so many of us that are deficient in vitamin D which the sun helps us to produce. Therefore, if we are not going to go outside in the sun, we need to let the sun inside with us. Simply opening those curtains and raising those shades can help. The sun can help with weight loss, sleep, strengthening bones, and more.

Fruit Tower

The reason a fruit tower can help make your living room a more health-conducive environment is that it can be the first line of defense if you get hungry. By placing fruit in it and having it easily accessible, you have healthier options to choose from before you reach your kitchen that may not have the healthiest options in it. If you’re a snack, this can encourage healthier snacking and also be used as an opportunity to possibly present new food options to your family and guest. It may be a fruit tower but fruit doesn’t always have to go in it. A mixed bag of nuts and seeds can go in it, fresh vegetables can be placed in it if having a gathering, or other foods like protein sticks of beef, turkey, or chicken.

There you have it, five powerful ways to make your living room a healthier environment to be in. Be sure to check how to make these other environments in your life healthy:






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