How To Stop Ego Lifting

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Are you one to go to the gym and try to lift the world? You just can not seem to help yourself. Perhaps you are one that I call an “ego lifter”, one that does ego lifting. Ego lifting is when you attempt to lift insane amounts of weight without discernment or with cloudy judgment. The weight is usually outside your usual range or more than what you should be lifting. As a result, this usually ends with you being in pain or on the brink of injuring yourself.

In this article, I am going to cover five ways on how to stop ego lifting. Ego lifting is not your friend. It is not great a strategy to use when lifting weights. You want to be smart when lifting, so you can continue to do it for a lifetime and not a short time. Below, you will find out how to stop ego lifting to get better to get the results you want.

Plan and log workouts

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Instead of going to the gym and just winging it, plan your workouts ahead of time. Write down how many sets and reps you plan on completing as well as the weight you plan to use. Once you have it written down, stick to the plan. This will help you to stay focus on what needs to be accomplished rather than catering to your ego.

Have a mature workout partner

Pick a workout partner that will be honest with you about your capabilities and has experience. This type of person will not let you bite off more than you can chew. Their experiences, hopefully, allowed them to gain a fair amount of wisdom to be able to recognize things before they become an issue and navigate you on taking the best approach.

Do not believe the hype

Be careful with who you listen to and are influenced by. You want to be very selective about this. Just because so and so fitness influencer lifts super amounts of weight with ease or workout 2 times a day, 6 times a week, does not mean you should too. You have no clue what they actually do the majority of the time. I stress this point, especially if you are a natural lifter. There are plenty of influencers claiming to be natural but are not and will say anything to sell their products and promote themselves.

Change your training and testing methods

how not to ego lift
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Instead of doing the typical meathead approach trying to lift the entire gym, train, and test your limits in a safer way. If you want to find out your max in a certain lift, use an estimated one-rep max equation. You would pick a weight you can not lift more than ten times and plug the number of reps completed into the equation, giving you your estimated one-rep max. Instead, if using insane amounts of weight, consider doing drop sets, change the tempo of your reps, alter rest periods, and so forth.

Change your workout mindset

Go into the gym with the right mindset. You want to train to stimulate the muscles not to annihilate them. There is a big difference between the two. Remember, when you are lifting weights, you are creating micro-tears in the muscles. Doing too much can lead to an injury or increase your time needed for recovery. You want to find that sweet spot, not too much and not too little.

There you have it, 5 ways on how to stop ego lifting. Leave that ego at the door. It can do more harm than good, especially when not kept in check. Live to lift another day my friend.

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