Is It Better To Exercise At Home or The Gym?

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So, you are contemplating whether it is better to exercise at home or at the gym. There are several good reasons to put some thought into this. Perhaps due to your finances, comfort level, accessibility, time, and so forth. Whatever it may be, after reading this article, you will know which is best for you. I will be covering the pros and cons of exercising at home versus exercising at the gym.

Exercise at the Gym

Is It Better to Exercise At Home or At Gym?
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  • Access to various pieces of equipment to use
  • Do not have to clean up as much as after yourself
  • Socialize with other people via classes or on the gym floor
  • Access to a personal trainer or instructor for hands-on training and knowledge
  • Do not have to buy or maintenance exercise equipment
  • Get out of the house and away from home
  • Feel motivated by other gym members
  • The gym may have a play area or kids care center to watch your child or children


  • Share equipment with other people
  • Pay for a gym membership and other services on top of that which may be costly overtime
  • It May be hard to get out of the gym contract if you no longer want to be a member
  • Awkward moments of people staring at you possibly
  • Body odor and sweat of other people
  • Burn gas and time to get to the gym

Exercise at Home

Is It Better to Exercise At Home or At Gym?
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  • No gym membership to pay or contract to sign
  • Workout in the comfort of your home
  • Do not have to deal with other people
  • Save money and time from not traveling
  • Easily accessible
  • Can do personal training and group classes virtually saving money
  • Could have a trainer come to your home and train you
  • Use your own exercise equipment such as dumbbells, an exercise matTRX, and so forth


  • Limited amount of equipment depending on your finances and/or space
  • May still have to watch your child or children
  • In-home personal training may be costly if you decide to go that route
  • May have to maintenance exercise equipment yourself or pay someone

As you can see, there are plenty of pros and cons for exercising at home versus exercising at the gym. You really have to pick what works best for you. Some of the cons, you may not see as a problem at all vice versa with the pro with either. The good thing is that you have options and flexibility.

There are basically three options available for you:

  1. Just pay a reoccurring gym membership for a gym that has all the equipment, services, and amenities you need within your budget. It will just become part of your monthly expenses like your other bills.
  2. Build your own home gym and purchase pieces of equipment that do almost everything you would do in a commercial gym. I strongly suggest a multifunctional piece of equipment. This option will require you to make a financial investment but once done building your home gym, you will not have to spend any more money.
  3. Join a low-cost membership gym such as Planet Fitness, a local recreation center, or Fitness 4 Less type of gym and invest in some quality home gym equipment to workout at home. This way you have options. I also suggest this option if you cannot make your mind up yet.

Whether or not it is better to exercise at home or the gym, really comes down to personal preference. I recommend that you workout at home for a week and at the gym for a week. This way you can see what works best for your lifestyle. You can just pay the daily fee or go as someone’s guest for the gym. At home, just workout with whatever you have available if you want to use equipment. During this trial period, be honest with yourself, write down what you liked and what you did not like about the whole process from how you felt, travel time, and so forth. Finally, make a choice on which option serves you best.

For myself, I found exercising at home and at the gym to be great. It gives me the flexibility I need until I am able to build my own home gym. I use the gym to work on strength more since more weights are available there and I focus on endurance or maintenance with my home workouts. There are plenty of ways you can use both or just exercise in one place.

In conclusion, know that you have options and do what works best for your current situation in order to succeed. Be sure to visit my online shop for fitness, gardening, and health products as well as my resources page.

Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You

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