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Want to sleep better? Know when to replace your mattress. Sleeping and laying on a bad mattress night after night can lead to a host of problems you never would’ve thought of. It can have a profound effect on your health because it’s possibly preventing you from getting the sleep you need and keeping your body out of alignment. Knowing when to replace your mattress is important. Replacing your mattress at the right time can save you some trouble down the line.

Think about how your days go when you sleep terribly. You wake up groggy, don’t have any energy, mind not as sharp, skip workouts, and so on. Your mattress may be the source or at least part of the problem. Before it becomes a problem or matters get worse than they already are, there are some signs to look for to know when to replace your mattress.

8 Signs of when to replace your mattress


The mattress has lumps, bumps, sagging, and/or threads loosening. The mattress should be level when not laying on it, not lumping and bumpy. It also, shouldn’t have a crater in where you lay and after you get up, it should return back to form.


The springs in your mattress aren’t functioning properly anymore. You definitely don’t want a broken spring coming through the mattress. It won’t feel so good to plop down on your bed if the springs aren’t springy.

You Overheat

You find yourself breaking out in a sweat consistently. Perhaps the mattress is hugging your body too much or the material doesn’t dissipate heat well. Waking up in a puddle of sweat is not something you want to experience and could cause the mattress to get stains or hold odors.

Discoloration and Stains

This could a sign of mold or mildew growing, Secretion of sweat and/or other bodily fluid can get into the mattress, especially if you don’t have a mattress protector. If it’s just a typical stain, try a stain remover to get it out.


Sounds horrible because it is. If the mattress has a foul odor that just won’t come out, it’s time to move on to a new mattress. It could be a sign of mold or mildew in and/or on the mattress. You can use a natural and organic deodorizer in the meantime. Again, a mattress protector could help to prevent this.

Protruding Material

If there are holes and/or matter coming out of the holes such as springs, stuffing, or foam. Check that warranty to see if this is covered. Laying on your mattress to feel something sharp poking you such as a bed spring won’t be a good feeling.

Dust Mites or Bedbugs

If you find that you’re sharing your bed with insects or bugs, strongly consider tossing it depending on the extent of the infestation. Look for feces, outer shells, and monitor if you feel something crawling while lying in bed. Consider an organic and natural spray until the issue is remedied or you find a new mattress.

Past Lifespan

Finally, if your mattress has passed the manufacture lifespan, this could be another sign to replace your mattress. I’m all for getting the most out of your mattress but if it’s past its lifespan and has one or more of the above issues as well, it’s time to invest in a new mattress.

Now, you may be thinking, “Where should I look for a new mattress?” Well, I have a few companies for you to look into.


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The world’s only natural memory foam mattress. This company designs its mattresses on 6 key elements to provide a restful sleep experience: temperature control, allergy-friendly, accelerated recovery, optimized sleep, organically clean, and proper posture. Essentia also offers foundations, pillows, and other accessories.


Healthy mattresses made with all-natural material. Certified organic and non-toxic. Naturepedic is all about eliminating harmful chemicals, safety, and protecting the environment with their products that are catered to babies, kids, and adults.


High-quality luxury mattresses and bedding at a fair price. Choose from six amazing options falling into three categories: memory foam, innerspring, and specialty. Try any mattress for a 180 night home trial to find what’s right for you.

Hope that you found this article informative and that it helps you to have more restful nights in the future. Be sure to check out my healthy lifestyle resource page where you’ll find other amazing companies to help you along your health and wellness journey. Also, continue to explore my blog for more great content.

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