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Well, you are here reading this article because you love soda and know it’s not the best for you. It is not the healthiest drink for your body but you’re having a hard time not drinking it. There are numerous articles and studies demonstrating how soda causes, contributes to, and is associated with numerous health problems. These problems range from poor oral health, insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, stroke, dementia, and more (1, 2, 3, 4).

It would be nice to understand why you’re having a hard time not drinking soda but that’s not the focus here. You may not be ready to delve that deep yet. In this article, it’s about damage control and taking steps to limit soda consumption and its damage to your body. Here we go, my friend:

Reduce the Number of Cans/Bottles per Day

The less soda you consume the less damage you’ll do to your body overall. It’s simple math here, cut back one bottle/can per day, that’s one less bottle or can than before. Now, don’t cut back on one regular-sized bottle/can just go have two smaller bottles/cans equivalent to the regular-sized bottle you were drinking at first. Doing that defeats the whole purpose.

Drink from a Straw

Soda is usually a mixture of acids, sugar and/or corn syrup, carbonated water primarily with other stuff like natural and/or artificial flavors, preservatives and so on the tail end of the ingredients. Letting that combination get on your teeth is not good. Therefore, by drinking through a straw you limit the amount of contact if any it has with your teeth.

Dilute your Soda with Water

Mix water into the soda in an attempt to dilute the acids and mixture of other ingredients in the soda, this way it’s less concentrated. It may not taste exactly the same but at least the taste is not completely diminished depending on how much water you put in.

Rinse Your Mouth Afterwards

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Now that the concoction of ingredients are on your teeth and in our mouth, rinse your mouth with water to get it off as soon as possible. Remember, we don’t want the acids and sugars just sitting there.

Drink It Quickly

Again, we’re trying to limit the time of exposure here, primarily on your teeth. Drinking the beverage quickly and not letting it sit in your mouth, swishing it around between your teeth. Usually, I prefer for you to take your time to drink a beverage but this one, just drink it and get it over with it.

Avoid Drinking Late in the Evening or Before Bedtime

The caffeine in the soda is not meant to help you sleep. People drink coffee and energy drinks containing caffeine mostly for an energy boost. Therefore, drinking soda when you’re trying to sleep is not a great idea.

Brush Your Teeth at the Appropriate Time

Timing plays a key factor here for this tip. Don’t brush your teeth right after you drink the soda. Remember the acid eats away at the enamel on your teeth. You don’t want to add friction and further breakdown the soften enamel by brushing your teeth in that state. Rinse your mouth and wait for about 45 minutes to an hour then brush your teeth.

Visit your Dentist Regularly

It may cost you but it’s better than having cavities, losing your teeth and, having poor oral health overall. Be on the preventative side, scheduling regular check-ups and cleanings. If you already suffer from the effects of soda, make a dentist appointment to get it checked out as soon as possible. Something minor can turn into something major affecting your overall health.

Visit your Doctor

Do this a preventative measure, some people have no clue their pre-diabetic or insulin-resistant while still consuming beverages that may have helped bring about that health condition. Keep your regular check-ups going.

Drink Less Acidic and Sugar-Laden Sodas

Drink the least of the worst if you must drink soda on top of all the previous tips above. Look for sodas with the least amount of ingredients and take a look at this chart showing different sodas ph levels (lower the number, the more acidic and vice versa).

All in all, soda is not beneficial to your health despite the joy it brings you. A soda here and there won’t destroy your life or wreak havoc on your body but overtime damage can accumulate if you consume it regularly. Acid continues to eat away at your teeth, the overabundance of simple sugar accumulate in your bloodstream, fat storage increases due to the body wanting to store those excess calories somewhere and so on. If you’re going to consume this tasty, sugary, acidic beverage; be responsible and limit the amount you drink. There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself occasionally, just don’t have too many occasions.

I wish well you on your health and wellness journey. Be sure to pay my healthy lifestyle shop and resource page a visit to further aid you in becoming a healthier you.

Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You

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