One of the Best Health Tips of All Time

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Many people struggle daily with their health and are constantly searching for ways to improve their health. They’re on Google, WebMD, YouTube, and more searching for everything possible to bring some sort of relief or to find a solution to their problem. I don’t blame, I’ve been there, but I noticed a common denominator that many seem to overlook that I believe is the answer to their problem. It’s one of the best health tips of all time in my opinion. That tip is to change your environment to a health-conducive one. One can trace many problems back to their environment to get to the root of their issue.

Now, this health tip is quite broad but that’s a great thing. It just simply means you have options. Changing your environment to a health-conducive environment could mean moving to a new city, working in a different place, redecorating or reorganizing your home, changing your friend group, picking a different place to shop, and so forth.

The main reason I believe this is one of the best health tips of all time is that our environment plays a huge role in who we are by helping to shape and mold us. What’s in our environment is what feeds our mind, body, and spirit. We feed off the resources we have in our environment, it’s part of survival. What we take in is usually what we put out. We take in junk, we’ll produce junk, and vice versa. There are some special cases of course when people thrive off negativity and use it for good but you get what I’m saying.

In addition to the environment itself and what’s in it, time plays a key role. When you take time and environment into consideration together, they become quite influential. You spend a lot of time around negative people or people with poor health habits, more than likely you’ll become negative or pick up those bad habits and vice versa if they were positive. Those people are a part of your environment at some point in time which allows them more opportunities to have an impact on you.

If you live in a home where there is constantly junk food with no healthy options and distractions, you’re going to eat the junk food because that’s what is available when you’re hungry. Then the distractions whatever they may be will take your mind off the goal of getting healthy. Now, think about how much time you spend at home. If you spend most of your time at home like many of us do, think about how long you’re constantly getting tempted. A wise person would flee from that type of place instead of testing themselves unnecessarily.

You can change the probability of you succumbing to unhealthy habits by changing what’s in your environment. This environment can be home, work, who you spend time with, and what you watch, read, or do.

A change can be something simple as furniture. If you keep sleeping on a bad mattress, over time your body is going to feel it which can affect your sleep which can affect your mood which can affect your relationships. This rabbit hole of problems can run deep like a crack in your home foundations that goes unseen leading to a big problem down the road.

The goal is to put things and people in the environments you spend the most time in that give back to you on all levels in a healthy way. This is why changing your environment is one of the best health tips of all time.  A doctor says you need to eat healthier, you may need to take that candy bowl off your work desk. You may need to increase your physical activity, it may be time to invest in a dumbbell set to keep in the open so that it’s easily accessible. You may need some accountability or inspiration, you should subscribe to my YouTube channel to take up some real estate in your mind.

Below you’ll find links to articles on how to change your environment for a healthier you for different places people spend most of their time:



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Change your environment to change your health to change your life for the better. That is why changing your environment is one of the best health tips of all time. Start here, by continuing to explore my blog and healthy lifestyle resource page. You can do this and I’m here to help you.

Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You

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