Explore my services, made to help you to adopt a sustainable healthy lifestyle. It’s time to get fit, eat better, and live healthier.
Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You

Talk about your fitness, nutrition, and health goals with a certified exercise physiologist, holistic health coach, and longevity wellness specialist to help you navigate yourself to a healthier version of yourself to live a healthy sustainable holistic lifestyle. 

Get useful and practical feedback on living a sustainable healthy lifestyle in the areas of fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness. 



It's A Lifestyle, Live It
$50 / session
  • 30 Minute Session
  • Session via Google Meet or Phone Call
  • Ask as many questions as you want
  • Consultation Summary Write Up


What can I ask Bernard?

Ask any questions relating to fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness but know that all of Bernard's responses are for educational purposes only and not to treat, prescribe, diagnose or cure any ailments and/or conditions. Always consult with your physician or healthcare provider. Bernard will answer all questions within his scope of practice.

What happens if I need more than 30 minutes?


*Only can choose one option*

  • You can purchase and schedule another session for another time. 
  • Continue the session if time permits and be charged for an additional 30 minutes.
online fitness and nutrition coaching

Reach your fitness and nutrition goals with convenient, flexible, and cost-effective online fitness and nutrition coaching. Done completely online via e-mail, it’s simple yet effective. Receive high-quality online fitness and nutrition coaching from a seasoned holistic fitness and health expert at your fingertips.

online personal training and online fitness coaching

Train to meet the physical demands of your lifestyle or to live the lifestyle you desire with a custom fitness plan and expert fitness coaching.

Ditch the diet mentality. Take a holistic approach toward nutrition with a holistic health coach. Be mindful, intuitive, and natural about your eating habits.

online nutrition coaching

Working with Bernard, it’s not about quick fixes, trends, fads, and other nonsense but rather about establishing healthy habits and building upon them over time to reach your goals in the most natural and practical way; be it to lose weight, gain weight, build strength, or just wanting to be healthy overall to enjoy life. It’s a worthwhile investment into your overall well-being.


Online Fitness Coaching

Get Fit On Your TIme
$150 / month
  • Monthly Fitness Plan
  • Fitness & Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Weekly Email Check-In
  • Text, Audio and/or Video Message Support Between Check-Ins

Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Fitness & Nutrition At Your Fingertips
$200 / month
  • Monthly Fitness Plan & Nutrition Guide
  • Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Weekly Email Check-In
  • Text, Audio and/or Video Message Support Between Check-Ins

Online Nutrition Coaching

Eat To Live And Enjoy
$150 / month
  • Monthly Nutrition Guide
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Weekly Email Check-In
  • Text, Audio and/or Video Message Support Between Check-Ins


How does online fitness and nutrition coaching work?
  1. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation
  2. Fill out a questionnaire and sign a form
  3. Receive your monthly fitness plan and/or nutrition guide via email to follow
  4. Exchange emails weekly while getting text and/or video message support as needed
Do I need any equipment?

Bernard makes use of whatever you have available to you. Examples make include an entire gym, apartment gym, only dumbbells, no equipment at all and so on.

Additional Services:

Live Online Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Have live 1-on-1 sessions with Bernard 1-2 times a week monthly via Google Meet as he guides you through customized workouts and talks nutrition with you for 30-45 minutes. Receive a monthly supplemental fitness plan and nutrition guide as well.

*Live online personal training and nutrition coaching is subject to Bernard's availability*

Equipment Needed: Bodyweight, dumbbells, or resistance bands

Space Requirement:  Enough room for a fitness matt and arms-length radius in all directions while on the matt.

Price: $300-$600/month

Not Ready Yet?

Still don’t feel ready to commit to changing your lifestyle yet for a healthier, balanced, and true you yet? That’s ok, there’s no pressure but please check out my healthy lifestyle blog to help you reach your goals, explore my healthy lifestyle resources page, and follow me on social media.