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Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

You’ve been working out and dieting but still, struggle to lose weight? You just want to know why it’s not happening for you. You’re tired of the way you look and feel, and just want to give up. Well, don’t give up just yet, I have some possible reasons why you can’t lose weight. Read on, please.

You Set Unrealistic Goals

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You set unrealistic goals that aren’t attainable by normal people and end up quitting. Most of the time these unrealistic goals are sparked from reading fitness magazines saying almost anything to sell their magazines and/or some fitness professionals that take boatloads of supplements and/or other substances to get quick results but doesn’t bother to tell you that part. Do not believe the hype people.

Doing More Talking than Working

If you’re one that works out in groups or with a partner, you may be doing more talking than working out. I have seen this occur with my clients before and I had to end that conversation quick to get them back on track. That brief conversation between sets can get away from you if you’re not focused. I have also seen folk carry a full-blown conversation on their Bluetooth device or sit and text instead of workout the majority of their time in the gym. Talking and texting when you are supposed to be working out will not help shed those pounds.

Not Dealing with the Real Underlying Problem

There are times where you may tend to make bad choices with your health as a result of other issues in your life. Some choose to stress eat with junk food while others may work out more than they need to, leading to overtraining or an injury. You are coping with the real issue in your life with bad habits, digging a deeper hole to get out of. Do not be afraid to seek help.


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Lack of water can slow down your metabolism causing you not to utilize calories or burn fat efficiently. In addition, being dehydrated can have a negative impact on your performance, again affecting the way body functions in terms of energy use. Your body is mostly water, it clearly finds it important. There are plenty of signs your body gives to you to know when it is time to drink up.


You don’t have anybody holding you accountable to what you committed to. It helps to have someone you trust to encourage, challenge, and support you through your weight loss journey. It never hurts to ask for a little help. Pick up that phone and call someone you know who is good for it. Another option would be to get a coach, whose job is to help folks like yourself achieve their goals.

You Lack Planning

You don’t have a plan in place. You’re just blindly trying anything to lose weight and when you hit a little adversity you’re completely derailed and back where you began. I see people do this all the time. They’ll randomly try some diet or workout they seen somewhere without researching it just to end up repeating the whole process over again a month later. Map out a plan and set some attainable goals.

Eating the Wrong Types of Fat

You’re eating the wrong types of fat in consuming trans fats which have no benefit to you at all. It just causes chaos inside your body. There is a chance you may not even notice you are eating trans fats because the food label doesn’t say “trans fat” literally but it’s in the vegetable oils on the food you are eating or cooking with.

You have a Sedentary Lifestyle

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There is a lack of physical activity in your lifestyle preventing you from sufficiently utilizing fat stores and helping rid your body toxins. If you continue to eat without utilizing your fat stores, all you are doing is hoarding fat in your body. Also, not being active, your lymphatic system won’t operate efficiently at eliminating waste and moving fluids around in your body because it requires movement from your muscles. The lymphatic system does not have a pump like your cardiovascular system does with the heart to move fluids. It is time to get moving my friend.

Not Getting Enough Vitamin D

Several studies have found that in obese individuals vitamin d levels were low (1,2,3,4). Another study found that when vitamin d supplementation was combined with a weight reduction diet it resulted in fat mass and weight loss (3). All in all, based on a recent review of randomized control trials, more research is needed in the area of vitamin d and weight loss. A lack of vitamin d may be one of the sources of your weight loss problem (1).

You’re Eating Out Too Often

You’re eating way too much greasy, salty, fatty, sugar-laden, and unhealthy carry out or fast food. Would you really consider that the ideal for what you are wanting to achieve? Enjoy yourself some time but don’t get carried away my friend. Next time you go out or order out, look up how you can make it at home with healthier ingredients. Another option, ask if you can customize your order by swapping out some ingredients or if it can be prepared differently.

Hormone Imbalance

Your hormones are out of whack such as your thyroid hormones are too low and/or cortisol are too high. Thyroid hormones help to regulate your metabolism and when those levels get too low, your metabolism slows down which is known as hypothyroidism. Your cortisol levels may be too high due to stress and in response, you seek out unhealthy foods to comfort yourself possibly leading to more weight gain or no weight loss.

You do the Wrong Exercises

Instead of doing more effective compound exercise, you’re doing isolated exercises hitting only one muscle. If you want a six-pack and to lose belly fat, don’t go do a bunch sit-ups all day, it won’t work. Spot reduction by way of exercise selection does not exist. Instead, focus more on the big compound movements that build more muscle overall and burn more calories. You’ll reach your goal way quicker.

Keep Trying Different Fad Diets

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You’re just doing a bunch of fad diets and not sticking to one to give it a chance to work. Even if it does work temporarily, you’ll most likely put the weight back because it’s not sustainable. Discipline and consistency overtime coupled with enjoyment will give you a better chance of shedding those pounds for the long haul when it comes to dieting. A word of caution, just because a diet helps you lose weight does not mean it is a healthy diet.

Sugar Junkie

You consume so much sugar that your body just begins to store it as fat in adipose tissue because your body has reached its storage capacity in your muscles and liver and used what it needed already to function. Now, think about how much sugar is in all of your favorite foods and how often you consume them. Sugar is put into many foods but yet you may never notice if you do not read the food label and eat mindlessly.

Too Much Alcohol

Too much alcohol can affect your body’s ability to burn fat efficiently since it wants to use the alcohol as fuel to get rid of it instead of utilizing the fat and glucose stored in your body. In addition, drinking too much alcohol could impair your liver’s ability to metabolize and store carbohydrates and fats (4). Impairment of judgment due to drinking too much can cause you to make terrible food choices intaking more calories on top of the empty calories in alcohol.

Lack of Consistency

You don’t have any consistency with a healthy diet, sleep patterns, and/or physical activity. Being consistent at being inconsistent is a sure way to be unsuccessful with weight loss. When you are not consistent with healthy habits, why would you expect your body to healthy and functional enough to be at a healthy weight? Just like anything in life, if you want to get better at it, you have to work at it on a consistent basis to see improvement. You can not eat healthily every day, sleep 8 hours a night, and workout three times for a week, then do the exact opposite the following three weeks and expect weight loss.

Lack of Sleep

By not getting enough sleep, you may lack the energy to be physically active to help you lose weight. You’re so tired from a lack of sleep that you don’t want to do anything. You may end up skipping meals which can lead to you consuming more food later. Also, your ability to make sound judgment gets hampered because the activity in your frontal lobe takes a hit (5). Getting no sleep and making poor lifestyle choices is not the way to go to lose weight. Great thing is, I have some tips to help you with sleep.


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Too much stress increases cortisol levels which can cause weight gain. Too much cortisol production usually triggers your body to hold on to fat. Again, you may cope with stress by eating unhealthy foods. Now you have two problems, stress and a poor diet. You have to find a healthy way to deal with your stressors in life. Consider eliminating somethings in your life that do nothing for you but stress you out.

Hang Around the Wrong Crowd

You surround yourself with people that have unhealthy habits and tend to pick up those same habits. Either you learn some self-control around them or start limiting your time around them. There is a saying that “you are, who you surround yourself with”; I found that to be very true in most cases. If you decided to be around them, be the one that’s eliciting a healthy lifestyle, encouraging them to do the same, or ask for their support.

Getting Older

As you age, things start to slow down some naturally but you have some control over how fast that occurs. One thing that happens for sure is as you age, you lose muscle mass which helps you burn calories to aid in weight loss. Thankfully you can slow down muscle loss as you age. Start some form of strength training and do it at least twice a week. If you fall into the senior category, strength training can help prevent falls and perhaps reduce the impact of injuries if they were to occur. Be sure to give your body adequate time to rest between workouts as well to be able to sustain and enjoy that form of physical activity for a lifetime.

Disease or Underlying Condition

You may have a medical issue that is preventing you from losing weight like Cushing’s syndrome, hypothyroidism, or polycystic ovary syndrome to name a few. If you have been trying to lose weight for quite some time, doing all the right things but the scale is still not budging, schedule a doctor’s appointment. There is a chance that there is more going on with your health than you think.

Your Medication

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Sometimes the medication that you’re taking may prevent you from losing weight and/or actually cause you to gain weight. For example, medications that treat seizures, diabetes, blood pressure, or depression may make losing weight difficult (6). Also, steroids that you may have been prescribed for medical reasons may cause you to gain weight. If you think this is the case, do not stop taking your medication, consult your first, and go from there.

You Don’t Need to Lose Any Weight

Perhaps your body is already at a healthy weight and you should stop trying to lose weight. The body likes to be in a balanced state called homeostasis, therefore it rather not lose weight for functional and survival purposes. Do not be fooled by magazines with photoshopped images, movies, athletes, and so on setting over the top beauty standards. It is not realistic for most people to look that way year-round and/or most do not know of everything they did to look that way. Sometimes information is withheld to look good in the public eye to reel you in for attention and sales. There are some outliers and exceptions but you get the point, everything is not always as it seems.

Now that you have read the possible reasons for you not being able to lose weight, perhaps there is something you need to change with this newfound knowledge. Guess what? You don’t have to do it alone, I’m here to help you if need be and so are other professionals. There are several reasons to hire a personal trainer or nutrition coach to help you reach your goals. If you want to give it another a try on your own, by all means, do so, give it your all, and remember what you learned here.

Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You

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