Small Lifestyle Changes For Weight Loss

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I know many of you out there dread the thought of exercise and dieting when it comes to weight loss. You’re unhappy with your weight, the way you look and/or feel. You want to do something about it but don’t want to go through the process because it’s so daunting. Well, I have some great news for you. There are some small lifestyle changes you can do in your everyday life to lose weight.

These small lifestyle changes for weight loss I’m going to be listing and explaining are going to be extensions of what you already do in your daily life and/or require little energy or effort. So, let’s jump right into it, here we go!

Eat and/or Drink More Water

Consuming water has been proven to be quite helpful when it comes to weight loss. When consumed by itself it contains no calories, it can help suppress your appetite, and help burn more calories. If you’re not big on drinking water, you can always consume foods with high water content such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Watermelon, strawberries, cucumbers, broccoli, kale, oranges, spinach are great options (1).

Eat Slower

Actually, take the time to eat and can chew your food thoroughly instead of gulping it down like some carnivore. You have a fair amount of teeth in your mouth built for grinding up food, use them. Eating slower and chewing your food thoroughly make digestion and the absorption of nutrients easier. Taking your time to eat also allows time for hormones to give you a more clear signal about your appetite and fullness helping one to eat less food (2, 3). Besides, why not savor all the flavor in your food? Take the time to enjoy every single bite.

Take a Picture

More than likely, you are the owner of a cell phone and spend plenty of time on it. These days, phones have replaced cameras for the most part with all their advancements. I have noticed many people don’t realize their phones can be a valuable tool for weight loss. By using your phone to take pictures of your meals, you are essentially making a picture food log. Some take pictures of their food all the time but only to show off what they ate. That picture reveals so much more such as your portion size, what and when you ate, perhaps where you ate, and who you ate with. All things that can be used to help with weight loss and reveal your habits.

Move with Purpose and Intensity

Hate traditional exercise or find it hard to make time for exercise? Move with purpose and intensity with what you do already. Instead of parking close to the door when out shopping, park further away and powerwalk to the door. Be aware of your surrounding, of course, safety first. While out doing some yard work, rake those leave more intensely, use a push mower, or carry some objects instead of putting them in a wheel barrel. Whenever you have the energy or opportunity to turn the intensity up on any movement safely, go for it. You can burn more calories overall this way because these short intense bouts of movement will add up (4). If you prefer more structure, consider giving micro workouts a try.

Distract Yourself

Find something to distract yourself from eating. Many people are eating randomly throughout their day at the sight of food because it’s there. This is a problem, especially when it’s processed food. To combat this, fill your day with activities that don’t revolve around eating or food. It’s even better if it’s an activity that requires you to be active because it’s an opportunity to be more physically active. Some activities to consider are reading, puzzles, woodwork, listening to music, crafts, walk in the park, or a DIY project around the house. There is something out there that would draw your interest for a good period of time until you’re actually hungry. If you find yourself unable to control yourself from eating, it’s time to go seek the help of a registered dietician, licensed nutritionist, and/or your physician.

Making small lifestyle changes to things you already do can definitely have a positive impact on your weight loss journey. Go for the low-hanging fruit first. Make modifications to things that you already do on a regular basis. Those particular habits have already proven to be sustainable for you, you’re just making a minor tweak here and there, in a healthier direction.

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