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I know plenty of people who can’t stand exercising therefore as a trainer I would recommend a form of physical activity that one already does as a form of exercise. The majority of the time, it will be walking but walking more effectively. It’s natural and something the majority of us do every day. Daily physical activity is well documented in how it can improve and maintain our health and wellbeing by reducing risks of heart disease, strengthen our bones, improve our balance, reduce body fat, and more. The only problem is our bodies are already adapted to how we walk every day.

Now, if you’re one that seeks to reap some of the benefits and/or hate traditional exercise but will walk. You have to take your walking up a notch by making it more challenging. Going for a leisurely stroll like you’re window shopping in the mall is not the answer. One must go above the baseline for 20-30 minutes on most days of the week.

Those 20-30 minutes don’t have to be all at one time. One can do 10 minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening if they like, or do two 15 minute sessions at different times during the day. It all adds up over time but remember, you have to walk in a way that is harder than you usually would. Below are some ways for you to do so.

Take the Stairs

When you’re at work or out and about, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If there are no stairs, take the ramp. The stairs force you to lift your body up and forward unlike walking on a flat surface.

Power Walk

Take your walking intensity to another level and walk with purpose in every step. Get those arms pumping while picking up the pace above your natural everyday pace.

Walk in Nature

Go for walk or hike in the park. Get a change in scenery and some free air among the trees. It can be quite boring walking on a treadmill. Plus the trail would challenge you more with the change in terrain.

Join a Club

Join your local walking club and walk with other people. This is a great way not to get bored and have accountability. Perhaps you exchange health tips with each other.

Walk your Dog

Let your furry buddy set the pace and push you. It’s would beneficial to have a dog that is more of an active breed.

Walk to Local Shops

Instead of driving everywhere or taking public transportation, walk. Walk to your local shops in the area. It’ll take more time but you’ll save gas and get more steps in.

Wear a Fitness Tracker

If you are one that likes to count your steps and like gadgets, invest in a fitness tracker watch. They’ll do more than count your steps, some track your sleep, heart rate, and more. A good old pedometer will suffice as well.

Invest in Comfortable Shoes

There’s nothing aching feet to prevent you from wanting to go for a walk. Invest in comfortable walking shoes that support appropriately support your heel and arch.

Get Off One Stop Earlier

If you’re one who takes public transportation, don’t get off at your stop. Get off a stop or two earlier to get those extra steps in.

Park Further Away

Just as in the tip above, taking advantage of distance. Park further away from the entrance when out shopping or going somewhere, allowing you to get more steps in than you usually would when out.

Now, while applying the above, remember to keep safety in mind. Be mindful of your surroundings. Keep some bright colors on if out during non-daylight hours. Also, consider carrying something for self-defense such as a pocket knife, pepper spray, tactical pen, etc. Just have something on hand in the case of an emergency. Consider a small first aid kit as well.

All in all, give the above a try to make walking more effective as an exercise in your everyday life. De sure to check out my healthy lifestyle resources page, shop, and more of my blog before you go. If you’re in need of a coach to start living a more active lifestyle, visit my services page.

Be Healthy. Be Balanced, Be You

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