What Is Online Personal Training?

I’m going to assume you’re reading this because you’re wondering, “What is Online Personal Training”? Most know what traditional personal training is, in which you meet your trainer at a physical location at a set time for however long of a session. Next, the trainer guides and instructs you through a workout and sends you on your way, perhaps with a plan to follow between sessions. That’s traditional personal training for you.

Now online personal training is a different beast. It’s becoming more popular as we continue to have advancements in technology and social media. In, addition it has some advantages over traditional personal training but those advantages vary since not all online personal trainers service clients the same. That’s the beauty of it.

The common advantage amongst most online personal training services is that there is no need to meet with your trainer in person, hence “online” personal training. Majority if not all interactions take place online possibly saving you money and time. Who wouldn’t love that? Since the delivery of online personal training services varies trainer to trainer, you have to think about which type of service will best serve you to reach your goals. Now, if you need hands-on coaching or can’t stand using online platforms, online personal training is not for you.

For instance, some trainers use personal training software/apps to service clients, that may be best for you if you love apps and know how to navigate through them. If you’re not familiar with the platforms and apps, there will be a learning curve you may have to overcome. That shouldn’t necessarily scare you away though.

Then, there is live online personal training which is the closest to traditional personal training. The only difference is that the trainer is not physically in the same place as you but you still meet at a set time for a certain length of time online using some video-based platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and so on. This is a great option if you have time to spare and still like that live accountability.

Finally, there is the email-based online personal training, which is done via email, which is probably the simplest since everyone has an email address and knows how to use one. It may be old fashion, but it’s proven. It’s quite flexible, a trainer can put everything you need in an email ranging from attachments, clickable links, and messages. You can always go back to check what you and your trainer have covered.

Some trainers may use a combination of the above or have add-ons to enhance their services. That may change the cost of the service as well. All in all, you have options. I personally love keeping it simple, easy to follow and not be constrained by time, if that sounds like you give my email-based online personal training a try. Contact me to schedule your free consultation (click here), get the paperwork out of the way, get your fitness plan and check-in weekly via email. After reading this, I hope you have a better understanding of what online personal training is.

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