Why You Should Hire A Nutrition Coach

First, what is a nutrition coach to begin with? A nutrition coach, sometimes also referred to as a health coach it someone with the task of helping you with your nutrition. Depending on their qualifications, education, and the scope of practice, approaches may vary between coaches considering registered dieticians (RD), licensed and unlicensed nutritionist can be nutrition coaches as well but I’m going to focus solely on nutrition coaches that aren’t  RD’s or licensed nutritionist in this article. I’ll explain the differences between them all in another article. Let us jump into why you should hire a nutrition coach.

Help You Establish Clear Goals

Struggling just to get started, a coach can help you to identify problem areas and establish clear and realistic goals that are attainable. You do not want to set goals that will only lead to failure due to them being out of reach and unrealistic.

Support System

If you lack a support system, a coach can provide you the support you need when no one else is in your corner. Instead of asking your friends to support you, you’ll have a professional in your corner whose job is to support you.


A nutrition coach can guide you through all the fad diets and confusing information out there that is constantly popping on tv and the internet leaving you lost. Nutrition can be like navigating a jungle, there are ingredients hiding in plain sight, blending right in that could sneak up on you.


Having someone to hold you accountable for your decisions will help to keep you responsible and honest when no one is looking. It helps to have someone who cares about you reaching your goals as much you do or even more.


Your nutrition coach can also be your teacher, educating you on the basics of nutrition and the science of it giving you a strong foundation to work from and how to think on your own and not be completely dependent on them. Knowledge is power and can save you a lot of trouble later in life.

May Be More Economical

Insurance companies don’t always pay for nutrition services or limit the type of you receive. Some RD’s and Licensed Nutritionist rather not take insurance. Going to an RD or Licensed Nutritionist may be a bit of a stretch financially making a nutrition coach a more pocket-friendly option.

Broader Approach

A nutrition coach who takes a holistic approach will go beyond just what you eat and look at your overall lifestyle and how it affects your eating habits. There are other factors that can play into your nutrition besides food itself.

Greater Accessibility

Many times a doctor, RD and/or licensed nutritionist may not be easily accessible to you when you need them due to the nature of their profession monopolizing most of their time, limiting accessibility. Usually, nutrition coaches work on their own allowing them more flexibility to meet your needs. Therefore, a nutrition coach is good for filling in the gaps between visits to your doctor, RD or licensed nutritionist.


All that happens in life, there will moments where you will feel unmotivated and need a boost. Having a coach with good communication as a skill set will come in handy giving you the push you need to continue pressing on.

More Personal

You are more likely to form a closer relationship due to the frequency of communication unlike with other healthcare professionals. As a result, a nutrition coach can get a better understanding of your patterns, habits, and lifestyle to help you form an action plan.

A nutrition coach is a great resource to have on hand. No one health professional can be there all the time, it’s nice to have someone to fill in the gaps. If you want a nutrition coach to help you, click here to set up a free consultation. Take control of your health well-being today by being proactive.

Be Healthy, Be Balanced, Be You

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