What to Eat for Breakfast?

What do you or I want to eat for breakfast? The question that many of us get asked and/or ask ourselves in the morning upon waking. Depending on your background, culture or country; that usually determines what you’ll eat for breakfast. People from all over the world eat different foods for breakfast. In France for instance, a typical breakfast would include bread or pastry paired with tea, coffee, or juice; while on the other hand in Eastern China, their breakfast may include items like dumplings, rice in vegetable soup, fried sponge cake, steamed creamy custard bun, and porridge. The range of food eaten for breakfast varies so much around the world but still, we are battle a growing number of diseases especially here in the U.S.

Whats for breakfast?

Considering all the research supporting that a good amount of diseases begin in the stomach, perhaps we should start looking at what we eat. Why not start with the first meal of the day, breakfast. Marketers and advertisements of some of these big companies say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and tell you exactly what you should eat in all these lovely commercials. I have noticed since I was born, the same foods have been promoted for breakfast for decades and are only getting worse. Here in the U.S. pancakes, eggs, milk, orange juice, bacon, waffles, bagels, oatmeal, cereal, pastries, and pop tarts to name a few, are heavily promoted as breakfast food. The majority of those foods are extremely processed, loaded with sugar, and the meats and dairy have all types of nitrites, nitrates, hormones, and antibiotics in them that do no one any good.

Think about these following questions:

Who said the foods above are the only options for breakfast?

Why are these foods pushed so much?

Who said you can only have breakfast in the morning time?

Now allow me to address those questions. Big companies monopolize the food industry by strategically marketing products and funneling consumers into buying certain products through psychology. Consumers see these commercials and advertisements put out by these companies where only certain foods are associated with the word breakfast. Therefore, consumers only think of those foods when it comes to breakfast. Finally, by having consumers believe that breakfast is only consumed in the morning, consumers feel they need to buy different types of food for their other meals. In the end, the consumer may end up buying the company’s other brands of food as well as making more money off the consumer.

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I know that all sounds terrible which it is but I have some great news, you don’t have to continue down that road, eating what’s been stamped as breakfast food anymore. First, you must know that breakfast does not mean you eat in the morning. Breakfast literally means that you have broken a period of fasting by eating, that’s all and nothing more. So, if you go to bed at 11 pm, then wake the next day at 10 am but don’t eat your first meal until 1 pm, that meal was your breakfast. Now if you will, refer to the list of foods above that are considered the staple breakfast food, you’ll see that there are food groups missing such as fruit, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Some of these are foods you could buy and eat without cooking them, getting you out the door to your desired destination quicker. Besides you want to eat the rainbow, the food groups I said were missing provide more of a variety of colors to accomplish that. In addition, they possess fiber, the broom that sweeps your insides clean helping to maintain regular bowel movements.

I understand that the classic pastry, pancake, ham, and eggs taste good but they’re way healthier options that don’t contain excess sugar, hormones, and unnecessary additives. Consider eating fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, or seeds for breakfast. Look at it this way, when you incorporate them as options, you have more options of what to eat for breakfast and gain more health benefits. Why limit yourself to meat and a bunch of processed carbohydrates? Breakfast is what you choose to eat, not what some money-hungry company wants you to eat.

Hope this article gives you more motivation if you’re thinking about fasting or struggling with it. Be sure to visit my healthy lifestyle shop and resources page to further aid in your health and wellness journey.



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